Ask Amy: What will happen with PNA and other pro-life issues this legislative session?

Dear Amy,

“The Illinois General Assembly is going back into session this week. Now that they’ve overturned Illinois’s last pro-life law (the Parental Notice of Abortion Act), what can we expect to happen with abortion and other life issues this session?”

– Curious in Peoria

Dear Curious,

Today is the first day of the 2022 Spring Session and, believe it or not, radical abortion advocates in our legislature are already hard at work trying to further expand abortion in our state. 

For an analysis of what we might expect this session, I’ve enlisted the help of our legislative experts, Illinois Right to Life Action Legislative Chairman, Ralph Rivera, and Assistant Legislative Chairman, Molly Rumley. Here is what they had to say:

The 2022 Spring Session is scheduled to begin January 4th and go through April 8th. This is historic. Due to the problems with the finalizing of the redistricting maps (they were challenged in federal courts for months), the primary elections this year will be held on June 28th, rather than the 2nd Tuesday in March. Democrats, fearful of primary challengers, did not want to be working at the Capitol through May while their opponents are campaigning back in their new districts. So, they wanted the session to get out early, thus the session will end April 8th instead of the end of May. 

While as many as 5,000 bills are introduced in the 2nd year of the two years session, we have already seen dozens of new bills introduced in late 2021 for the new session. Additionally, the speaker has sent out a letter saying that it will allow bills from last year to move to committees and so they do not have to be introduced as new bills.  This means that some of the anti-life bills from 2021 could be revived this year.

We believe that the progressives may look to help the abortion clinics handle more abortions from women who will cross over into Illinois from states with protective laws.  HB 4146, below, is one such bill, that would allow certain civil lawsuit awards to be used to help with abortion costs for women from other states coming to Illinois for abortions.  Having removed all restrictions from abortions in Illinois, the radical abortion industry will likely attempt to hurt their competition, which are the pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, by infringing upon their freedom of speech.  HB 4221, below, is such a bill, although it is clearly unconstitutional.  Also, HB 4247, which would require public institutions of higher education to, “make emergency contraception available for purchase through at least one vending machine located on each campus.”  As we know, Plan B, the morning after pill, acts both as a contraceptive and as an abortifacient to prevent the implantation of a new human life. The full description for each of these odious bills is below:

HB 4146 – Creates the TExAS Act – The expanding Abortion Services Act.  This is meant to play off the recent Texas Law that allows civil suits to be filed by most persons against any person in violation of the Texas Law, that prohibits abortions after a heartbeat of an unborn child. HB 4146 would allow persons to file civil suits against anyone who abets a sexual assault or domestic abuse or causes an unintended pregnancy, regardless of circumstances.  Half of the $10,000 award for winning the lawsuit would go to a fund to “pay the costs of abortions for pregnant persons who travel to Illinois from states that prohibit abortions for the purpose of obtaining access to abortions in Illinois.”

HB 4221 – Creates the Pregnancy Center Disclosure Act.  Requires Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Women’s Resource Centers) to state in any print and digital advertising materials, notice stating “This facility is not licensed as a medical facility by Illinois and has no licensed medical providers who provides or directly supervises the provision of services.”  Also requires that in any county where more than 10% of the overall population speaks a language other than English at home, the notice distributed on-site shall also be provided in such other language (imagine how crowded the message would be when you must provide two or more language messages in no less than 80- point type). 

HB 4247 Creates the Public Higher Education Act. Provides that the intent of the Act is for the requirements of the Act to apply equally to the governing board of each public institution of higher education in this State. Defines “governing board of each public institution of higher education” and “public institution of higher education”. Adds provisions requiring each public institution of higher education to make emergency contraception available for purchase through at least one vending machine located on each campus under its jurisdiction; defines “emergency contraception”. Sets forth minimum requirements concerning the packaging, storage, cost, and dispensing of the emergency contraception. Effective immediately.

Thanks, Ralph & Molly! 

As always, we have our work cut out for us and, as always, Illinois Right to Life will keep you updated on the latest developments from Springfield.

We have big goals to effect big changes in Springfield during 2022. Please stay tuned to learn how you can help. Also, keep those “Ask Amy” questions coming!