We’re Re-Launching Our Life Chat Podcast!

Life Chat, a podcast produced by Illinois Right to Life, is relaunching with a new host! 

Dr. Steve Jacobs, our program director, will be having conversations with prominent pro-life voices and leaders from Illinois and throughout the country–and you can listen to each one, from the comfort of your home! 

Whether it is a legal discussion about the future of Roe v. Wade with American United for Life’s Clarke Forsythe, a look back on the history of the pro-life movement with Pro-Life Action League’s Ann Scheidler, or a conversation about the movement’s fight against censorship with The Federalist’s Evita Duffy, each entertaining episode will educate you on abortion and our fight to end it! 

The purpose of LifeChat is to exemplify pro-life issues while providing a holistic perspective of the abortion debate so people on both sides of the aisle can learn about all of the various facets of the abortion issue.

You can find a new episode every other Tuesday on the following platforms: iTunes and PodBean, as well as find a whole catalog of dozens of episodes we have produced in recent years. Check it out!