Top 4 Reasons Why We’re Winning in Illinois

Yes. It’s true. Goliath is beginning to fall.

Illinois is turning pro-life, the abortion industry is on the defense, and we want to take a quick moment to share with you why we say this with such confidence. Here are…


The Top 4 Reasons Why We’re Winning in Illinois: 


1. The number of abortions in Illinois have declined for six straight years.

With over 100 pregnancy resource centers in Illinois available to women in unplanned pregnancies and increased educational efforts by pro-life groups and individuals like you, Illinois is becoming a more welcoming and loving home for women and their unborn children. Check out the continuing statistical drop in the number of abortions here.

2. The number of patient visits to Illinois Planned Parenthood has declined by 72,000 visits over the past 6 years.

According to Planned Parenthood’s annual report, they serve only 2.3% of Illinois women of child bearing age. There are about 41 healthcare clinics per every 1 Planned Parenthood in Illinois. These clinics provide more comprehensive care for the woman and don’t provide abortions.

3. Illinois Planned Parenthood just closed their 2nd clinic in 6 years.

They actually told their patients in a note on the door to travel 79 miles to visit one of their other clinics. They’re now down to just 16 clinics while there are approximately 670 alternatives for women in Illinois.

4. They keep proposing extreme, out of touch bills.

The abortion business knows it is in trouble. So they cook up extreme pro-abortion bills (like SB 1564) to silence the pro-life community and try to force us to increase their abortion numbers.


Planned Parenthood has called Illinois an “oasis” for women seeking abortion in the Midwest… but not for long. The Illinois abortion empire is crumbling.

Nevertheless, now isn’t the time to sit back and celebrate. There are more babies to save and more scared mothers to hug, and they’re all counting on you and me. We’re working even harder than ever before to turn Illinois pro-life – that we can promise you. But we can’t do it without you.

Keep it up Illinois pro-lifers. We can take down the Goliath abortion business!