The Pride Before The Fall – A Note From Our Executive Director

We’ve all seen, in recent weeks, that pro-choice politicians across the country are pulling out all the stops – forcing legislation that’s long been considered “extreme” and unpopular with the American people. But the Empire State Building’s pink illumination last week was symbolic of more than a battle won by the American abortion industry – it’s also a sign of what’s to come.

If you follow American politics, you might have heard it said that our two-party system operates like a pendulum – the harder it swings one way, the faster and sooner it comes barreling back in the other direction. So, it’s no surprise that in the same week Governor Cuomo legalized full-term abortion in New York, leftist columnists admitted that Roe v. Wade could be overturned this year – in fact, as the left has over-compensated these past few weeks, they’ve practically guaranteed it.

On the same day that Governor Cuomo signed this legislation, J.B. Pritzker – Illinois’ brand new governor – signed an executive order staged to force taxpayer funding of abortions while standing in a Chicago Planned Parenthood alongside Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ CEO, Jennifer Welch. His order meant virtually nothing for the people of Illinois (Bruce Rauner initiated taxpayer funding of abortion – Pritzker’s action was for show), but it was a pompous move by Illinois abortion advocates that lit a fire in pro-lifers all across our state. Here at Illinois Right to Life, we’ve witnessed this fire in the number of residents who’ve reached out to us in this last week alone.

As abortion advocates continue to force the issue, waving the abortion flag where it was once uttered in hushed voices, their righteousness betrays them. Pro-lifers are engaging with eyes wide open and remain unconvinced that one individual’s right to choose should precede another’s right to exist. The louder that abortion activists “shout their abortions,” the more pro-lifers we see standing up in defense of the pre-born. My Right to Life colleagues all across the country have been surprised to witness unexpected names and faces expressing rage over this issue that would’ve once been avoided. The culture is changing, and in favor of pro-life.

With this particular show of pride from the abortion industry, there is surely a fall to come. While they may be acting out of desperation, their smug approach suggests they’re convinced of their own superiority. But to the immense benefit of the pro-life movement, the pendulum continues to swing.

– written by our executive director, Mary Kate Knorr