The HHS needs to hear your support for the Protect Life Rule

We need you to give your input, ASAP.

The Trump administration recently announced their new Protect Life Rule (also known as the Compliance with Statutory Program Integrity Requirements).

Here’s why we need you:

The Protect Life Rule involves new HHS regulations that will do the following:

A) Defund Planned Parenthood of about $60 million in Title X Family Planning Funds – their second largest source of taxpayer funding.

B) Redirect this money to over 9,000 federally qualified health centers, along with community health centers and other clinics, that provide more comprehensive services – and NOT abortions.

C) Increase accountability and oversight on clinics to make sure they follow the law and report any evidence of sexual abuse of minors – something Planned Parenthood has been exposed for not doing. (Read about that here.)

But the HHS needs to hear from you by midnight on July 31st.

Before the new rule can be adopted, the Department has to hear what the public thinks and take their comments, for a short window of time.

Planned Parenthood, as you can imagine, is losing it.

But they’re leading a full-force fight. They’re rallying their supporters to voice opposition to this rule. That’s why you NEED to show the HHS your support for the Protect Life Rule.

The Trump Administration needs to know we have their back on this one and pro-lifers everywhere support this. We’re extremely grateful for this, and we need to show it.

So, to submit your comment on the Protect Life Rule, BEFORE the deadline, here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to this link HERE.

2) Click on the “Comment Now!” button in the top, right hand corner of the page.

3) Write your comment in the box. You can say something like:

“I strongly support the Protect Life Rule. I support redirecting government funds from organizations that perform abortions to other quality care organizations that do NOT perform/refer for abortions. Thank you.”

You have the choice to provide your name and information. Click continue, and then click submit.

The higher the volume of support for this rule, the better. Don’t delay. The deadline is approaching. Please show your support today.