The Abortion Issue Just Escalated in Illinois

The situation in Illinois just got hotter.


Another abortion clinic has opened in our state.

And get this…

The abortion chain, Carafem, already has two clinics in Atlanta and outside Washington D.C. Now they have a clinic in Skokie.

As the Chicago Tribune reports:

“It chose the Chicago area for its third clinic because Illinois’ abortion laws aren’t as restrictive as laws in neighboring states, but it can draw patients from those other states, said Melissa Grant, Carafem’s chief operating officer.”

This is just one more indicator that the legal situation in our state is DIRE.

Make no mistake – this is the second abortion clinic to open this year, following Governor Bruce Rauner’s historic betrayal to pro-lifers in signing HB40.

Due to Illinois’ lax abortion laws, out-of-touch with the rest of America and propped up by the bought-and-paid-for, pro-abortion politicians, clinics like this see Illinois as an abortion “oasis.”

They said it themselves, and they aim to capitalize on women from other states coming to Illinois to have abortions.


On the same day the Chicago Tribune covered the opening of this new abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood revealed its master plan in preparation for the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Illinois is, in fact, a key part of the plan.

Planned Parenthood’s director of state policy and advocacy, Rachel Sussman, told reporters that they intend to create a regional network of abortion services for women, outside their home state if necessary.

“We will leverage key states to serve as critical access points, particularly for the growing number of people that need to travel out-of-state,” said Sussman.

The Washington Examiner explains:

“Sussman said certain states would serve as these access points and mentioned California, Oregon, Illinois, and Rhode Island as potential areas for network hubs.”

It’s pretty clear. Illinois is a target. Why?

Illinois’ lax abortion laws have made it the abortion ‘oasis’ of the Midwest and created an environment where clinics like this can thrive.

So we’re taking the fight to the next level, and we need your help.

Illinois Right to Life and Illinois Right to Life Action are unfolding new initiatives to tackle both the public and political landscape that made Illinois the abortion “oasis” of the Midwest and created an environment that has allowed the abortion industry to thrive.

In fact, Illinois Right to Life Action will be unveiling their brand new vision at their 46th Annual Banquet on October 26th.

We need YOU to be a part of it.

In light of the recent configuration of the US Supreme Court, the abortion chain, Carafem, according to the Chicago Tribune, is resolved to “normalize” and “destigmatize” abortion through advertising tactics and other means.

No matter what tactics they choose to use, you can never “normalize” the systematic and brutal killing of unborn human beings and while placing women’s health and safety at risk.

This is the truth, and we’re going to make it heard.

Join us in the fight for babies, for women, and for life. 

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