Supreme Court rules in favor of pregnancy centers: Could this be a game-changer for Illinois?

We have breaking news!

The United States Supreme Court has ruled in FAVOR of the pregnancy resource centers!

In the case, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, a new California law that was designed to destroy the life-saving work of pregnancy resource centers was struck down!

Specifically, this law forced all pregnancy resource centers in California, regardless of their life-affirming missions, to advertise the state’s abortion services to their clients.

It was called the Reproductive FACT Act, and the high court ruled that it directly violated the First Amendment’s clause that prohibits compelled speech. The decision was 5-4. You can view the opinion of the court here.

But why is the SUCH a big deal?

First —->

SCOTUS has put it’s foot down on this attempt by the abortion industry to force pro-life people to do its dirty work.

This decision emphasizes that pregnancy resource centers, which exist to care for women and their babies, are protected by the First Amendment from being forced to subvert their missions and advertise for abortion.

Second —->

Does the California law sound vaguely familiar?

It should, because Illinois law SB 1564 is a close cousin.

This law amends the IL Health Care Right of Conscience Act. It forces all pro-life doctors, pharmacists, and pregnancy resource centers in IL to refer clients for abortions and talk about its “benefits.”

After it was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner, several lawsuits were filed on behalf of pro-life medical professionals and pregnancy resource centers all throughout the state.

According to attorneys, although the two laws have their differences, this decision could very well impact how the courts handle the lawsuits filed over SB 1564 in Illinois.

State Representative Peter Breen remains confident that this will be beneficial for those fighting against SB 1564 in Illinois, stating:

“The NIFLA decision clearly indicates that pro-life people and pregnancy centers have the same free speech rights as everyone else. The Supreme Court’s holding means that Illinois’ SB 1564 and other forced speech laws are illegal and unconstitutional.”

So what’s the next step? The Illinois lawsuits will continue to be litigated in light of this new Supreme Court ruling, which is a great boost to our argument against SB 1564.

Will this SCOTUS decision be a game changer for Illinois pro-lifers?

We will keep you posted. Stay tuned.