Sex Trafficking, The Repeal of Parental Notice, and Kelly Dore’s Story

On June 1st, the repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion will officially go into effect in Illinois. What does this mean? In short, young girls will no longer be protected from sex traffickers, abortion clinics will not be required to tell parents if they are performing an abortion on a minor, and the last of Illinois’ protective pro-life laws will officially have been eradicated.

Sounds pretty hopeless, right? Here at Illinois Right to Life we know that the situation is not nearly as hopeless as it seems. Over 70 percent of Illinois voters oppose this repeal. To discuss the effect of parental notification laws, we welcomed Kelly Dore, founder of the National Human Trafficking Coalition Survivors, to our Life Chat podcast.

Kelly was trafficked by her family beginning when she was only one year old and wasn’t rescued until she was 15. Her testimony led to charges against her trafficker when she was 15. 

Kelly gives us hope for how we can individually help those who are in trafficking situations as well as signs that may indicate someone is a trafficking victim. She also discusses with Amy Gehrke, our executive director, the link between sex trafficking and abortion which we know exists. Listen to the full podcast episode here.

What is Illinois Right to Life doing about the radical abortion laws in our state? At our banquet a few weeks ago, we launched a strategic plan: Illinois For Life. This plan, designed to fundamentally change attitudes about abortion in our state, combines education, grassroots action, and resources for mothers and babies to win Illinois for Life. If you appreciate the work we do here at Illinois Right to Life, consider giving a gift here.