Seven Influential Black Pro-Life Advocates of Today

During this time in which protests, marches, and riots to end racism and the prejudices projected on black people are sweeping the nation, Illinois Right to Life would like to emphasize the importance of black lives and would like to recognize the current efforts of black people on behalf of the pro-life movement. Countless black people have contributed greatly in raising awareness of the horrors of abortion, a procedure which predominantly exploits black people. We would like to thank all those who stand up for truth and highlight these seven black pro-life leaders and influencers so that their stories can inspire people of all different races.


Alveda King

As the niece of the great Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King has been able to spread her pro-life advocacy across America. Growing up in the Civil Rights Movement, Alveda King experienced the bombing of her home, the bombing of her father’s office, and was even jailed during the open housing movement. Her experience in the Civil Rights Movement along with her two personal abortions, has made her testimony as a now pro-life leader, compelling, redemptive and truly calls for a defense of social justice and human rights. Alveda King serves as the Executive Director of Outreach for Priests for Life, speaks as a part of the Silent No More Campaign, and runs Alveda King Ministries. Further, Alveda King is an author of eight books including, Can the Dream Survive If We Murder the Children?: Abortion is Not a Civil Right! To learn more about Alveda King, check out her website.


Bella Bryant

Bella Bryant is a young black woman who became a viral influencer on Live Action’s TikTok account. Bryant’s videos aim to expose the truth of abortion, comment on the flawed logic of pro-abortion individuals, and to celebrate stories of those who are pro-life, pro-adoption, and those who have experienced unplanned pregnancies and chosen life. As well as working for Live Action, Bryant is in the process of forming a non-profit called Restore Love. Restore Love serves to form a community for “young women seeking healing from sexual abuse and freedom from pornography.” Restore Love, while being incredibly important for those affected by sexual abuse and pornography, is inherently relevant to the pro-life movement as abortion facilities exploit victims of abuse and porn actors who become pregnant (To read more about this issue check out this article). Currently Restore Love can be found on Instagram @restorelove_. Bryant’s efforts in upholding human dignity have been truly inspiring. To follow along with Bryant’s endeavors as a pro-life advocate, follow her on Instagram @bellaaabryant and follow her on TikTok under @liveactionorg.

Ryan Bomberger

Ryan Bomberger is the founder and creator of the Radiance Foundation. After being conceived in rape and being placed up for adoption, Bomberger was adopted by a loving family with thirteen children, ten of which were adopted and varied in ethnicity. Growing up in a family who truly valued the gift of life helped Bomberger to grow into the strong pro-life influencer he is today. Bomberger is the creator and founder of the Radiance Foundation, an organization that seeks “to creatively affirm that every human life has purpose”. Along with being an advocate for adoption, Bomberger is the author of the book Not Equal: Civil rights Gone Wrong which covers relevant topics such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other issues pertaining to civil rights. Further, Bomberger is outspoken in revealing the racial disparities within the pro-abortion movement. His billboard campaign to show the effects of abortion on black communities has been recognized by The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and others! To learn more about Ryan Bomberger and his efforts to fight for human rights at all stages, check out his website, The Radiance Foundation.

Victoria Hope Petersen

Victoria Hope Petersen is a compelling pro-life leader whose primary focus is restoring the family. Petersen’s personal experience of being conceived in rape and then raised within the foster care system has inspired her to take an active stand in giving support to foster families. Her passion for the cause has also led her to become a current foster mom. Not only is she an experienced speaker, but she is a blogger and has been a guest on numerous podcasts including our own Life Chat podcast with our executive director Mary Kate Knorr. Outside of her independent advocacy, Petersen is the Northern Regional Coordinator for Students for  Life of America. To learn more about her efforts and her passion for life and strong families, check out her website and follow her on Instagram @torihopepetersen.


Christina Marie Bennet

Christina Marie Bennet is a notable pro-life leader and advocate. After nearly becoming a victim of abortion, Bennet’s life was spared and she became an avid pro-lifer. As a consistent writer for Live Action, and a featured writer for Life News, Charisma, and LifeSite News, Bennet has been outspoken on pro-life issues. Further, Bennet has served as a member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition and worked for four years at CareNet as a Client Services Manager. Currently, Bennet serves the pro-life movement through her work supporting families as the Communications Director for the Family Institute of Connecticut. Follow her on Instagram @blackprolifewoman to keep up to date with her amazing efforts to fight on behalf of human rights and check out some of her articles below!

Benjamin and Kristen Watson

Ben Watson is a Super Bowl champion and a retired NFL player for the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagle, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and New Orleans Saints. Along with his athletic accomplishments, Watson co-founded a Christian organization called The One More Foundation with his wife Kristen. Watson is also on the advisory board for Human Coalition. Watson has been a strong pro-life advocate and has spoken at the National March for Life. Currently, Watson is working on producing a documentary called, “Divided Hearts of America,” which represents differing perspectives of the abortion debate. He and his wife have seven children together and are a pro-life power couple. Together they donated a 3D/4D ultrasound machine to the Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic in Maryland. Further, Kristen filmed a series of pro-life apologetics videos for Live Action while pregnant with twins! Together, Ben and Kristen Watson have shown and continually show their pro-life convictions in an effort to change hearts and minds across the world.


Illinois Right to Life would like to thank these pro-life leaders and influencers who have been actively standing up for human dignity through various endeavors and ministries. We hope that their missions will inspire readers to take an active stand for life.