Seeking an End to Human Trafficking: A Life Chat Interview with Kelly Dore

In the pro-life movement, our work will never be finished until the dignity of every person is recognized and upheld. Right now, sex trafficking, especially the trafficking of minors, is one of the biggest assaults against the dignity of the human person. Thankfully, many brave individuals are devoting their lives to ending this horrific crime. 

Among these individuals is Kelly Dore, executive director of National Human Trafficking Survivors Coalition. Dore herself was trafficked from ages 1-14, and now she especially helps children get out of trafficking situations. Dore tells her tragic, yet triumphant, story and goes on to explain how human trafficking has evolved, especially with COVID-19 crisis.

Dore was abused by her biological father from when she was a baby of just one year until she was fourteen. She says, “A lot of it started at home, with regular abuse, sex abuse… allowing his friends and acquaintances to abuse me as well.” The day she learned that sexual abuse was unacceptable she was sitting in health class, in a small group talking about sexual abuse and rape. 

This was a complete blow to Dore, and the sudden knowledge that sexual abuse wasn’t normal or accepted was emotionally and mentally devastating. This revelation overwhelmed Dore to the point she tried to take her own life that day. Fortunately, her suicide attempt was unsuccessful, but it led to the investigation of her home life which, in turn, led to the discovery of her sexual abuse. 

Dore explains that, once free from the prison of being trafficked by her own father, she was certain she wanted to get a degree in social work so she could help others like herself. 

Life Chat host Mary Kate Knorr asked Dore what we can do to help with the crisis of human trafficking as well as  how it has evolved in light the Covid crisis. “One of the biggest things we are seeing in quarantine is the rise in domestic violence,” Dore explained. She urged people to call and report anything they see that is even a bit suspicious. 

To learn more about Kelly Dore and the work of the National Human Trafficking Survivors Coalition, listen to the full podcast here.