Secular Pro-Life: Crucial in the Abortion Debate

Why should a secular person- particularly an atheist- care about the abortion debate? In our latest Life Chat episode, Dr. Steve Jacobs interviews Monica Snyder, executive director of Secular Pro-Life, about this important question and her group’s place in the Pro-Life Movement.

This podcast goes in-depth about why the pro-life movement is not a religious movement: it’s a human rights movement. Monica explains how secular pro-life approaches conversations with people who are pro-choice and also makes it clear that, “Secular Pro-Life is not looking to create more atheists. We are looking to create more pro-life people.” 

Here at Illinois Right to Life, we recognize that there are so many ways to approach this issue: there are religious perspectives, human rights approaches, and countless other methods. The bottom line is that we are all here for the same reason: to protect and defend life.

This year more than ever, it is crucial that we rally together. It’s crucial that we go forward united, especially with the Dobbs v. Jackson case bringing down a decision any day now.

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