Project Love to the Rescue

Her baby was only three weeks old, and there were four other kids in the house.

But her landlord said time was up.

Frantically, Veronica called us for help.

Already a single mother, she couldn’t work. She had a difficult pregnancy, was put on bed rest, and suffered complications during and after delivery.

She desperately needed time to recover and take care of her newborn.

Nevertheless, Veronica had fallen so far behind on her rent that by noon the next day, she and her children were sure to be out in the street.

After calming her down, we told Veronica about Project Love. We immediately sent her to her local pregnancy resource center to talk with a counselor and apply.

Project Love is our grant program for pregnant women and mothers who find themselves in desperate financial need and have no place else to turn.

Many of our grant recipients face having their heat or water shut off, or being evicted…just like Veronica.

Just in the nick of time, Veronica was able to postpone her immediate eviction by scrambling together donations…but the future did not look good.

No alternative shelter or home in her area was welcoming or safe enough for her baby and four children.

So Project Love stepped in. A grant was gifted to Veronica to help her pay for her late fees and the next two months’ rent.

This would give Veronica the time she needed to recover, get back on her feet, and support her family again.

By working to be a system of help and support and partnering with our PRCs, before and after birth, we can help pregnant women and mothers in crisis situations get back on their feet.

To learn more about Project Love, how to apply, and opportunities to partner with us, visit