Pro-Life Catholics Band Together to Oppose Pro-Choice Biden

The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks outrightly about how abortion is the murder of an innocent child. Given this, one would suspect that all Catholics are pro-life. However, a massive wound has been festering in the Church: many Catholics support abortion or support politicians who endorse abortion. This wound is coming to the forefront in the ongoing presidential election, and Catholics who know the truth are sticking up for the pro-life movement.

Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, undoubtedly have the most extreme position on abortion ever seen in a presidential election. Earlier this year when the debate was going on in the Supreme Court about an extreme abortion law in Louisiana, Biden claimed that he supports abortion, “under any circumstances.” This alone should be enough for all Catholics to revoke their support of Biden, but apparently it isn’t.

Just this past weekend in Pennsylvania, a group called “Catholics for Biden” hosted an event. The irony of the name should be enough for every good Catholic to seriously consider what is going on here. For some pro-life Catholics in Pennsylvania, this event kindled a flame of fury.

Some pro-life Catholics in Pennsylvania recently protested this event, saying that this presidential candidate supports abortion on demand and even wants to force taxpayers to pay for it!

Anita Thiess is a former Democrat from Butler County, and she says that she joined the protest against “Catholics for Biden” because she can’t support someone who votes for abortion. She told the local news: “The only reason I will not vote for Joe Biden is because he says he’s Catholic but he’s pro-abortion… You cannot change the basic fundamentals of the Catholic faith – it teaches you ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Period.”

This lady is the voice of one among many Christians tired of the confusion, and Biden is the pinnacle of this in many ways. Biden has claimed multiple times that he is a devout Catholic, but his beliefs are far from that. He has tried lately to campaign to more religious groups, but when his hypocrisy is so well known, even people who don’t care about what the Catholic faith say they may not want to vote for him. 

Not only does Biden endorse something that goes against his claimed beliefs, he wants to force all other Catholics to go against their beliefs as well. He doesn’t just want to make abortion legal at all times, he wants taxpayers dollars to go to funding abortion- even if they are Catholic and/or morally opposed to killing an innocent child’s life.

It is very important for presidential candidates to be clear and concise on what they believe and where they stand on political issues. In this case, it is extremely hypocritical for Joe Biden to claim to be a devout follower of a certain religion, but stand opposed to the moral teaching of that religion with arguably the most important policy decision of his campaign. People are realizing how preposterous this is, Catholics are standing up to him, and pro-lifers are uniting to expose Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the outlandish hypocrisies of their Democratic campaign.