Pro-life Bills? Here’s the scoop

Are pro-life bills being proposed in the Illinois General Assembly?

You bet they are!

Here are the pro-life bills that were proposed this year:


HB 4392 This bill would enable choose life license decals to be placed on license plates. This bill is led by Rep. Robert Pritchard (R) 70th District and Rep. David Reis (R) 109th District.


HB 4421This bill would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. Research shows that abortions done after 20 weeks can greatly increase the risks of complications to women’s health. Science also shows that at 20 weeks an unborn child can feel the pain of being dismembered by an abortion. This bill is led by Rep. Terri Bryant (R) 115th District.


HB 5686In response to the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, this bill was proposed to clarify and prohibit the donation or sale of fetal parts or tissue. This bill is led by Rep. Peter Breen (R) 48th District.


HB 5817 Pro-choice activists say that abortion is safe and that complications are rare. However, abortion clinics are not currently required to publicly report deaths or complications from abortions unless there are over 50 of them! This keeps women in the dark about actual risks with having an abortion. This bill would require abortion clinics to report deaths or complications from abortion operations to the Illinois Department of Public Health if there were 5 or more. This bill is led by Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R) 64th District.


HB 6078 This bill would require abortion clinics be inspected regularly and licensed by the state of Illinois. Currently, no Planned Parenthood in Illinois has a license nor has received a health and sanitary inspection since 1999. Nursing homes, tanning salons, and Chicago Restaurants are inspected an average of once every year while abortion clinics are inspected an average of once every nine years. This bill is led by Rep. Sheri Jesiel (R) 61st District.


Let us be frank: it is a bear to pass pro-life legislation right now – but it hasn’t always been that way, and it certainly won’t stay that way. Even if legislation isn’t passed, it is an extremely powerful educational tool to teach political leaders, the media, and voters on the life issues.

The pro-life movement is like the energizer bunny… we will not tire as we work to turn Illinois pro-life. Too much is riding on it, so bring on the challenge!


To read more about these bills look up the bill number on the Illinois General Assembly website here.