The Overreaching Agenda of Planned Parenthood

For decades, Planned Parenthood has posed itself as a reproductive health organization. Under the guise of their catchy name, Planned Parenthood has been allowed to receive government funding and by association, tax-payer money. Although pro-life citizens everywhere are furious that they are forced to pay for women’s abortions and birth control, there are even more reasons why all citizens should want to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has become politicized and focuses on changing society beyond planning parenthood. This has most recently been shown in the ways Planned Parenthood has addressed the Black Lives Matter movement, voiced support in defunding the police, and have been outspoken in their support of the transgender movement.

On June 12th, Planned Parenthood tweeted their support for #DefundThePolice.














While trying to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement, Planned Parenthood promoted a political movement that has nothing to do with anyone’s ability, or lack thereof, to have accessible abortions. Regardless of the opinions on whether or not the police should be defunded, an organization that receives tax-payer money should not be promoting political agendas that do not directly affect their mission to provide reproductive “health care.” Whether the police are funded by the government or not does not affect one’s ability to plan their parenthood. Further, based on their history of botched abortions and lack of care for their patients following abortion procedures, Planned Parenthood has not shown an interest in the well-being of any of their patients (for more information read this testimony from Abby Johnson of the treatment she received from Planned Parenthood). The only reason Planned Parenthood would be interested in defunding the police is because the funds could potentially be allocated into their organization as a “health care” facility.

Further, on June 16th, the day after the Supreme Court decided to protect the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination in the work place, Planned Parenthood posted on their Instagram celebrating the decision!



This statement, aimed to congratulate the LGBTQ+ community, does not have anything to do with authentic reproductive health care. Instead, Planned Parenthood takes a political stance for something that does not pertain to them as an organization.

Additionally, upon examining their “trans health care services” on their website, various Planned Parenthood facilities have begun giving hormone therapy to men and women wanting to transition to the opposite sex.



Seeing as transgender men and women are unable to reproduce in their preferred gender identity, providing hormonal treatment does not serve their reproductive systems and cannot help them plan to become a parent.

Planned Parenthood has gone beyond their initial goal of “helping” women control their reproductive system, and has become highly politicized. Planned Parenthood works to appease the demographics of those who support the legal right to have an abortion. By appeasing groups who are more liberal and progressive, Planned Parenthood is able to further spread their mission, increase abortions, and make more money.

For example, Planned Parenthood outwardly supports the Black Lives Matter movement and makes people believe that they care for black people. In fact, the Black Lives Matter movement supports Planned Parenthood in return! However, Planned Parenthood is inherently racist and targets black people to increase their number of abortions (to read more click here). Nevertheless, because Planned Parenthood speaks out against racism, and supports defunding the police, they are deemed as good and subsequently gain more support.

Recently, Planned Parenthood partnered and advertised for an event hosted by drag queens on the importance of voting.



As drag queens are known to be more outwardly liberal, it is not shocking that Planned Parenthood would work with them to push people to vote for liberal and pro-choice politicians. However, this shows the ways in which Planned Parenthood strays from its original goal to objectively help maintain people’s reproductive systems and plan their parenthood. Becoming politically active in this way demonstrates that Planned Parenthood not only affects women and their unborn children, but it shows their power in affecting culture and politics. It does not make sense for a “health care” facility to promote defunding the police or work with drag queens to promote voting. As an official government funded health care organization, Planned Parenthood should not influence politics.

While the official Planned Parenthood cannot endorse political candidates without facing legal repercussions, they can legally advocate for specific public policy that supports and/or aids their facilities. Further, Planned Parenthood can share and promote Planned Parenthood Action Fund, their non-profit sister organization that can legally endorse specific politicians. While these actions are technically legal, they are further frustrating for all pro-lifers.

Pro-life citizens are already angry that their tax payer money supports  an organization that profits off of the killing of innocent children and harms women. The fact that Planned Parenthood strays into territory impertinent to reproductive “health care” is the mere tip of the iceberg. However, it is an issue that should be acknowledged and considered by all those who are forced to give money to Planned Parenthood.