Our Pro-Life Training Tour Returns: Book Your Event Today!

After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from last year’s events, we are excited to announce the return of our Pro-Life Training Tour!

Under the circumstances of our current times, this year’s training tour has been calibrated to perfectly fit 2020. We will be offering both in person and remote tour events at churches, libraries, schools, and community centers around Illinois.
Through these presentations, our Program Director, Dr. Steve Jacobs, will equip attendees with the facts and skills necessary to effectively advocate for the rights of preborn humans.
Each event will cover the following topics:
  • Analysis of how the unborn are in fact biologically human and why they should be recognized as persons under the law
  • Interactive exercises that will empower you to compassionately advocate for life
  • Recent and upcoming legal battles in Illinois and our entire nation
  • Question and answer session on anything related to the U.S. abortion debate
We will be offering the training sessions on week nights or weekends during the months of October and November.
If you are interested, please call us at 312-422-9300 or send an email to sarah@illinoisrighttolife.org, and we will work with you to schedule your session. We hope we can connect with you soon.
We also have a formal invitation letter for you, in case you would like to download, print, and pass it along.
Download our formal invitation here.