Meet the Abortion Industry’s Most Wanted Pro-lifer…In Person!

For 30 months, he secretly explored the inner workings of the abortion industry. Undercover, he investigated and recorded the operations of the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. In doing so, he obtained video documentation that exposed the abortion giant for the horrifying practice of harvesting and selling the body-parts of aborted children. His heroic efforts would send shock waves through the abortion industry and lead to the following:

  • Congress voted, for the first time in history, to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • 2 special congressional investigations have been launched into Planned Parenthood.
  • 13 state investigations were launched into Planned Parenthood.
  • 5 states removed their state funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was questioned by Congress during a congressional hearing.
  • Planned Parenthood admitted to Congress, in a letter, that it had illegally altered abortion procedures to harvest aborted baby body-parts.
  • Planned Parenthood agreed to stop accepting monetary payments for harvesting aborted baby body-parts in letter to the National Institutes of Health.
  • Cecile Richards admitted before Congress that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.
  • Planned Parenthood made a public apology for the callous nature and tone of one of their officials in the videos, who was discussing the sale of baby body parts.
  • The largest nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood took place –#ProtestPP. Over 78,000 people throughout the U.S., as well as six foreign countries, participated.

Who is the millennial who sent the abortion industry into a state of panic, just seven months ago?

A passionate pro-lifer, this courageous young man is 27-year old, David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and now, YOU can have a chance to meet him!

On April 26th, 2016, we are very excited to announce that David will be our honored guest and keynote speaker at the Illinois Right to Life’s 48th Annual Banquet, Leaders for Life! Celebrating Pro-Life Heroes. In the celebrating the courage and heroism of pro-lifers in their efforts to protect and defend life, we are overjoyed that David will be joining us, and we invite you to join us as well.

If you would like to meet the abortion industry’s most wanted pro-lifer in person, click here for more information! You don’t want to miss this.

At this time, David is the abortion industry’s most wanted pro-lifer, and Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are launching a full-fledged attack against him. First, the National Abortion Federation sued David in an effort to keep him from releasing any more videos. For the same reason, Stem Express (the body-parts harvesting company working with Planned Parenthood) also sued David, ending in a lawsuit which he ultimately won.  Then Planned Parenthood filed a federal lawsuit against David, claiming his investigation a “criminal enterprise.”

Now, a grand jury in Harris County, Texas has shockingly decided to indict David Daleiden on the outrageous charges that he tampered with government records and bought fetal tissue. David is being threatened with 20 years in prison for using standard, undercover journalist techniques (i.e. using a fake name).

This brave, young man is being prosecuted by the full efforts of the abortion mafia. As pro-lifers fighting for the same cause, we need to rally around him and show him our support during this time.

You can write David a personal letter, showing him your thanks and support for his work during this difficult time. All letters will be personally delivered to him at our banquet. Click here if you would like to write to David!

Planned Parenthood will not get away with the killing of 323,999 babies (just this past year), nor the sale of their body parts, while prosecuting this young pro-life hero.