Meet Mary Wagner, the pro-life woman who spent six years in jail for her advocacy work

Words can only do so much, and this is especially true in the pro-life movement. Many people are willing to say they are pro-life, they even will eagerly argue about it, but it takes true courage to be willing to sacrifice time in your life, and even your life itself for the pro-life movement and to protect the lives of babies.

In LifeSite News’ John Henry Westen Show, the inspiring pro-life advocate Mary Wagner, who has been arrested many times for entering abortion centers peacefully to try to convince mothers to keep their babies, is interviewed. She has spent a total of six years in prison because of her work trying to help women and their children.

This interview took place just days after Wagner’s lawyers filed an appeal of her lawsuit to the Supreme Court of Canada. The appeal states that Wagner did not receive equal protection and had been unfairly prosecuted. If this case is accepted into the Supreme Court of Canada, it will be monumental for the pro-life movement in Canada.

Wagner has proclaimed that she hopes that “the highest court would recognize the injustice of Section 223, which declares … that before birth there is a child there but it is not considered a human being, contrary to common sense (and) contrary to scientific evidence.” She also explains the alternative, that “if the court decides against our case, then it’s clear they exposed the hypocrisy and the grave injustice is exposed for many because I believe that this case will garner international attention.” 

In the interview with Westen, Wagner discusses in-depth what caused her to take her pro-life convictions to another level: to not just speak and preach pro-life values, but actually enter into the depths and different dimensions of the real need for people who will actually go into abortion clinics and beg women to choose life. “How can we advocate for them… When we are prosecuting for trying to advocate for them when they are most in need.” She explains how she was inspired to offer roses to women that include messages and hoped that this would lead to a discussion. Wagner says that she considers the question “What is it that led them there, and what can we do to get them out?”

She explains how she was arrested on many occasions: “You’re concerned for the mother and child, which is preeminent, but you also have to be concerned with the police that are coming.” Wagner discusses how God calls each of us uniquely to help him in different ways, and in prayer, saying, “God lifted the veil for me and I saw what happens to the child [in abortion]… it was really a point of complete shift for me in my walk with God. It was then, Wagner said, that she realized that she needed to do this holy work.

The pro-life movement needs more people like Wagner, more courageous souls who will sacrifice all they hold dear, and even their life itself to protect these vulnerable women and children. It is wonderful to proclaim our pro-life beliefs, but the real courage comes in living them out.