Major Pro-Life Organizations Announce Strategic Merger


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Illinois Right to Life and Illinois Citizens for Life announce merger to build even larger organization to combat growing pro-abortion advances in Illinois

CHICAGO – April 18, 2017: Today, Illinois Right to Life and Illinois Citizens for Life, two of the state’s most established pro-life organizations, announced that they have merged as of April 1, 2017.

The announcement came in the midst of pro-abortion legislators attempting to pass extreme anti-life bills that force all Illinoisans to pay for abortions for those on Medicaid for any reason – one of the most extreme anti-life bills ever debated by the Illinois General Assembly.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen pro-abortions forces become more aggressive and extreme, making it even more imperative that we take huge strides to combat their attempts to destroy life.” said Rosemary Hackett, president of Illinois Right to Life. “This merger combines two outstanding organizations that seamlessly compliment each other to have an even stronger impact.”

Both Illinois Right to Life and Illinois Citizens for Life have educational and charitable programs dating back to the 1970s.  The merged organization will continue to use the Illinois Right to Life name, organizational structure, and management.  Some Illinois Citizens for Life board members have joined Illinois Right to Life’s board to help lead and direct the merged organization’s programs.  All educational and charitable programs previously conducted by both organizations will continue under the new merged organization, including Illinois Citizens for Life’s Project Love.  We will host offices in Chicago and in Downers Grove.

The social welfare and lobbying efforts previously carried out by Illinois Citizens for Life’s 501(c)(4) organization will continue.  The organization will operate under the new name Illinois Right to Life Action and a board closely connected with the merged organization. The lobbying activities will continue to be led by veteran pro-life lobbyist, Ralph Rivera.

“When we realized that together our programs would exponentially flourish under this new structure it was a no-brainer,” said Sue Stroka, president of Illinois Citizens for Life. “While we will certainly miss the Illinois Citizens for Life name front and center, we could not be more proud to join Illinois Right to Life and look forward to stepping up our game so together we can save even more babies and care for their mothers.”

Rosemary Hackett will remain as president of the Illinois Right to Life under the merger. Emily (Zender) Troscinski will remain executive director. In the coming months, all merger activity will be fully reflected on Illinois Right to Life’s website (

Illinois Right to Life has long been known as a leader of the movement with their powerful energy, ground breaking and effective educational programs, and their reliable research.

Illinois Citizens for Life serves as the state’s go-to organization for pro-life lobbying and information on defeating pro-abortion bills. With the only full-time pro-life lobbyist in the state, Illinois Citizens for Life is highly trusted by pro-life political leaders and citizens alike to be their life-affirming voice in the Illinois General Assembly. In recent years, the organization has been instrumental in defeating countless pro-abortion bills that would have increase the number of abortions by over 15,000 a year.

Questions or comments regarding the merger can be emailed to and we will carefully review each email. You can also reach Illinois Right to Life at 312-422-9300.