Live Action, L.A., and Defending Life

This past weekend, IRL Executive Director Amy Gehrke and I traveled across the country to the beautiful state of California to attend Live Action’s “Unite for Life” event.

During this pro-life rally, which was attended by thousands from across the country, Live Action announced their “2,363 Campaign”. Through touching speakers and music, they explained how an average of 2,363 children are killed every day in America. Live Action’s mission is to reduce that number to zero.

Here at Illinois Right to Life, we have a similar mission to educate the people of our state on the realities of abortion in our state and, in turn, eliminate abortion. This won’t be done immediately, however. As our executive director likes to say, “It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight, but we can and we will win Illinois for Life!”

If you attended the first Ground Zero Tour event, last week, you heard the details of our three-pronged plan which includes educating the public, grassroots activism, and building up pregnancy resource centers. Since we have been so focused on this, it was encouraging to see a national organization conducting a similar program! 

In addition to enjoying the amazing rally itself, Amy and I met others who are devoting their lives to the pro-life movement. We even met up with some people we already knew in this field.

One of our executive director’s long-time friends, Rebekah Hagan, gave a talk on the power of abortion pill reversal. We featured her on Life Chat a few months back and shared her story there as well. You can find that episode here

Our time in the Los Angeles area led us to reflect on our work in the pro-life movement. Executive Director Amy Gehrke gives some insight into this. You can find her IGTV videos by following us on Instagram @illinoisrighttolife.

I also joined Amy in a conversation on abortion, Hollywood, and pro-life celebrities. We looked at the good and the bad of the stars of Hollywood, but gave quite a few shoutouts to influential stars who have spoken out on their pro-life beliefs. You can find that video here.

Needless to say, our time in Los Angeles was fruitful and we came back with much insight and hope to bring to Illinois! We are doing so much to protect the lives of the vulnerable and we need your support.

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