Leaders Education Packets

Are you a teacher, pastor, legislator, or community leader in the state of Illinois?

If so, are you aware of the extent to which abortion is impacting your community, district, or school?

Maybe you would like to know more about who’s doing abortions near you, what alternatives and resources are available to those in need, or how you can talk about it and help your constituents, members, and students.

If so, we have just what you need!

Our Leaders’ Education Program is designed to provide our state and local leaders (like you) with personalized, location specific education on the details surrounding abortion and its prevalence in your community, school, jurisdiction, or group.

Through this program, you will receive up-to-date information on the latest abortion statistics and the locations and conditions of clinics operating in and around you. Details regarding abortion reporting and any violations will also be included, in addition to resources and other alternatives available near you. For certain local and community leaders, such as pastors and school administrators, packets will offer further guidance on how to talk about abortion and provide counseling and assistance if needed. At the same time, it is absolutely essential for our state and local leaders to be familiar with the latest scientific and medical research on human life and abortion, and the Leaders’ Education Packets will offer credible links, sources, and facts on these subjects as well.

All of this information comes in a personalized packet, with helpful handouts and graphics as well. We can send you your Leaders Packet via mail, electronic means, or in-person meeting.

With the right information, our government and community leaders will be equipped to educate and help their people, working toward a culture in our state that loves and welcomes life. Teachers will be well prepared to educate their students on the impact of abortion, pastors can utilize this information to provide outreach and assistance in their communities, and legislators can be well-informed when drafting and voting on legislation. It’s up to our leaders to initiate the culture change in our state, and Illinois Right to Life will continue to be a source of credible, fact-based research and information.

If you would like a personalized Leaders Packet, please call at 312.422.9300 or email [email protected].