Justice for the Five: We STILL Demand JUSTICE!

It has now been over one month since the bodies of five late-term abortion victims were discovered outside an abortion clinic in Washington, D.C.

The bodies were discovered by members of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) and then turned over to D.C.authorities. Since that time, the women who obtained the bodies have been vilified by the media and accused of wrongdoing by authorities In addition, the media and authorities have ignored the fact that these babies were very likely aborted illegally.

Now, one month later, this story has largely disappeared, like so many stories that don’t fit any of the media’s false abortion narratives – that abortion is “good” for women, that preborn babies are just a “clump of cells”, that late-term abortions are rare.

The tragic reality is that there are thousands of late-term abortions each year. That’s not enough for America’s abortion advocates, though. Despite pro-abortion claims to the contrary, California is poised to pass a bill that would legalize infanticide. 

Why should we care here in Illinois? Because our state is controlled by pro-abortion radicals, such extremism could easily come to our state.

What is even worse is that many people have written off Illinois as a lost cause, including many Illinois residents. 

The abortion industry has been able to thrive in Illinois largely due to the work of one man: Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC. He enabled the abortion industry to gain a death grip on our state by raising millions of dollars that were, in turn, used to elect pro-abortion radicals. Because of Personal PAC’s millions, Cosgrove is able to keep these radicals in line and willing to do his bidding. Since 2017, Personal PAC has been behind the eradication of every pro-life law in Illinois.

The abortion industry has been able to thrive because of money. And because the pro-abortion radicals supported by Personal PAC are, oftentimes, radicals on other issues abortion has helped push our state even farther to the left.

Abortion is what helped drag our state to the radical left, and abortion must be what helps bring us back from the abyss.

Personal PAC succeeded because they were focused, tenacious, and smart. The pro-life citizens of Illinois must act in the same manner. Illinois does not have to be an abortion wasteland. With enough hard work and dedication to our cause, we can stop extreme measures like the legalization of infanticide.

Illinois Right to Life has a plan to win our state for life. Please stay tuned to learn how you can be a part of it. Together, we can win Illinois for Life.