Join Us for Our Next Future of Illinois Politics Webinar!

Join Illinois Right for Life Action for our second Future of Illinois Politics Webinar on Thursday, March 11th at 6pm. During the evening our speakers will keep you informed about the politics of Illinois and the most current and urgent actions that we, Illinois citizens, must be taking.

Panelists will include:

  • State Representative Avery Bourne from Illinois’s 95th District, 
  • Ms. Amy Gehrke, Illinois Right to Life Executive Director,
  • Mr. Ralph Rivera, Illinois Right to Life Action Legislative Chairman, 
  • Dr. Steven Jacobs, Illinois Right to Life Program Director.

The first piece of legislation that will be discussed would repeal the  Parental Notification of Abortion Act (HB 1797/SB 2190). This law requires that parents be notified if their minor child is going to get an abortion. In certain instances, a minor may receive a judicial bypass in lieu of notifying her parents.

This Parental Notification of Abortion Act was passed in 1995 but enjoined for 17 years. It went into effect in August of 2013 and has since saved the lives of thousands of preborn children. How many? Parental Notification has saved approximately 1,000 babies a year in the state of Illinois and has also been responsible for a 57% drop in teenage abortions.

Parental notification not only saves the lives of preborn children, it protects minor girls, as well. Be sure to tune in to the webinar to learn how repealing parental notification will protect the human trafficking industry, other sexual predators, and usurp the basic rights of Illinois parents.

The second piece of legislation on the agenda is the REACH Act. REACH is an acronym for Responsible Education for Adolescent and Children’s Health, although there is nothing responsible about this legislation. The REACH Act would create an unfunded mandate to teach comprehensive sex education from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. This would include “unbiased” teaching points on abortion: teachers would be required to present abortion to their students as a viable option without saying anything contrary to this teaching.

Panelists at the Future of Illinois Politics webinar will share how the REACH Act will give Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates unrestricted access to our children in order to recruit them as customers. They will also discuss more specifics of the curriculum allowed by the REACH Act that should be of grave concern to parents across Illinois.

Join us on March 11 at 6pm for a full overview of what this legislation will entail and summaries of the legislation from those who know the most about it!

Registration is free!