Joe Biden Promises to Issue Executive Order to Force Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood

No matter the outcome of this election, the pro-life generation will never stop fighting for every human’s basic rights. Joe Biden, on the contrary, has a plan to fight against one of the most fundamental rights–that of the right to life. This plan isn’t something that will be put to action in the distant future, or started later in his term. Rather, Joe Biden claims that from his very first day in office, should his election to the presidency be made official, he will carry out his plan to force Americans to fund Planned Parenthood with their tax dollars. 

Much of the liberal media claims that Biden isn’t an abortion extremist, but rather a moderate on this and other issues. This is utterly false, as is being revealed and will no doubt be further revealed in the coming days and weeks.

On Thursday, presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke at a town hall in South Carolina where he announced that he would make it one of his first priorities to back Planned Parenthood by forcing every United States citizen to pay taxes to fund this major abortion industry. During the town hall meeting, one audience member asked Biden what he would do to “empower women” in poor countries. Biden answered that he will do all he can to address the problem of overpopulation. Biden said he would fund the promotion and performance of abortions overseas. Abortion, to Biden, is synonymous with empowering women.

“I strongly oppose the limitations on the ability for the United States to contribute to organizations in these countries that, in fact, provide women’s health alternatives for choice,” he asserts. “Choice,” in this case, means the right to abortion. Biden also announced that he would overturn President Donald Trump’s executive order: the Mexico City Policy. This policy revoked national funding to Planned Parenthood, whereas Biden would put that funding back in place. 

With Biden’s strong pro-abortion voting history and blatant support of abortion in the recent weeks, there is no longer any reason to believe he would be moderate when it comes to abortion. In fact, Biden could quite possibly be the most radically pro-abortion president in history, ironically following Trump’s most pro-life administration. This is the time for the pro-life generation to step up and demand more for women, children, and all of America’s people.