Is Illinois Pro-Abortion or Pro-Life?

“The end of Roe.” That simple sentence evokes a mirage of emotions from different demographics of people in our country, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade is possibly the most controversial topic of our time, but today I want to share with you an anecdote that supports the claim: People in Illinois are not pro-abortion, most people in Illinois don’t know the HALF of what abortion clinics allow, and peaceful, loving dialogue is the way to win Illinois for life.
I had a conversation with a woman a few weeks ago while I was waiting for the train about abortion, and I think it sheds light on so many Illinoisans’ feelings.
She was asking for signatures for a candidate, and when I asked her his stance on abortion, she said, “Oh don’t worry, he’s completely pro-choice.”
I then explained to her that actually I’m pro-life, not pro-abortion, so I will pass on signing that petition.
She said, “Oh that’s interesting! I haven’t heard a young person say that in Illinois in a while.”
I could tell she was hesitating and wanted to say more, but she started to walk away. As she was walking away, something changed in her facial expression and she came back.
In a low voice she whispered, “Good for you. Most people don’t understand how out of control abortion is in Illinois. I’m not completely against abortion, but I’m against the extremity it’s gotten to in Illinois.”
We went on to discuss some specifics, such as the clinics not being regulated, the easy access to Plan B, and the blatant danger this all poses to women… not to mention their child.
People in Illinois are not pro-abortion.
There is so much hope for our state, we just need to be brave enough to stand up and voice our opinions to start the conversation!
As we have always said at Illinois Right to Life: we can and we will win Illinois for life, one heart at a time. Want more details on how we are doing that? Our executive director came up with a 3-pronged strategic plan to help us win Illinois for Life. See here for more details.
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