Important Reminder: Here’s What the Extreme IL Abortion Bills Do

On February 13, 2019, two abortion bills were filed in the Illinois House of Representatives. After being sent to committee, Democratic leadership is now seeking to fast-track them to passage.

Here is what these dangerous and extreme abortion bills would do if passed. Please stay informed and pass this information along.

Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Repeal

This bill terminates parental notification requirements in an underage girl’s abortion by repealing the Illinois Parental Notification Act of 1995.

Illinois Parental Notification mandates that no physician can knowingly perform an abortion on a minor child (17 years old and younger) until that physician (or an agent of the physician) has ensured that the child’s parent, grandparent, or legal guardian has received notice 48 hours prior to performing the abortion that his or her child is seeking an abortion.

Late-Term Abortion, No Restrictions Bill

The language in this bill is sweeping and does the following:

  • Removes all limits on late-term abortions. Abortion, up to the moment of birth, for any reason or no reason at all, will be allowed. The Reproductive Health Act  – which the abortion lobby has termed it – entirely repeals the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 and creates a fundamental right to abortion, with no restrictions or limitations, for any reason, through out the full nine months of pregnancy.
  • Removes the licensing requirements for the small number of abortion clinics in IL that are licensed. Presently no Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is licensed or inspected in the state of IL. It also removes penalties for performing an abortion on a woman who is not pregnant and lifts the ban on the sale and experimentation of an unborn baby.
  • Allows non-doctors to perform surgical abortions and allow women to obtain abortion pills (medical abortions) without a physician’s prescription. This includes, but is not limited to, physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, physicians’ assistants, or a person acting under the supervision of one of the above.
  • Forces all insurance plans to cover abortions, with no exception for churches, religious organizations, or pro-life groups. It mandates that all private health insurance plans cover abortions without any restrictions (for any reasons, with no limits as to the number of abortions a year, and throughout the full nine months of pregnancy) or copays or any cost-sharing of any kind.
  • Expressly declares that the unborn child has no rights. It removes the rights of an unborn child who can survive outside the womb or is on the verge of birth. By removing all rights from the unborn child, legal justification for the crime of murder of an unborn child would appear to be undermined.
  • Removes conscience protections from pro-life doctors, nurses, and hospitals who refuse to participate in abortions. It repeals the Abortion Performance Refusal Act (745 ILCS 30/1) which protects hospitals, physicians, and nurses for refusing to participate in abortions in any way.
  • Eliminates the requirement that abortion numbers be reported publicly, so that the additional number of abortions, or the number of abortions done on out-of-state women or underage girls, will not be made public.

Looking at the sum total, this extreme abortion legislation will allow abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy up to the very moment of birth, for any reason, even for an underage girl, without her parents’ knowledge, by someone who is not a doctor, in a clinic that is not inspected and doesn’t have to report injuries.

For a full memorandum of what these abortion bills will do, compiled by the Thomas More Society, click here. For a full legal analysis of the Late-Term Abortion, No Restrictions Bill, click here.

Please spread the word.