Illinois Students Named Pro-Life High School Group of 2017

That’s right! We are definitely #IllinoisProud right now.

A group of pro-life students at one of our Illinois high schools has just been given special recognition as the 2017 Pro-Life High School Group of the Year!

This group has been exceptionally active in sharing the pro-life message and working to educate others at their school and community. In fact, we just hosted a multi-speaker pro-life presentation for their group and the student body last fall!

So who are they?

They are S.A.L.T. Life at Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois.


Students for Life of America, who awarded the student group, wrote:

“Our Group of the Year for 2016 never ceases to amaze us at SFLA! This group participates in Prayer & Pancakes, where they go to pray at Planned Parenthood on a Saturday morning and then go to breakfast. They hosted a school-wide Pro-Life Assembly and multiple speakers, including their Regional Coordinator. Last October, S.A.L.T Life at Benet Academy did a Rosary for Life, sidewalk chalked, stood in the entry of their school with pro-life signs and chants as students were dropped off for school, and they also got super creative and hosted a fundraiser called ‘Nacho life to take.’”

Just last week, we saw the S.A.L.T. Life students at the annual SpeakOut Illinois Conference. They told us that this past January, they brought 100 students from their school to the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. Five years ago, there were only seven of them.

So way to go, S.A.L.T Life at Benet Academy! Keep it up.

Through education and action like yours, we can build the next pro-life generation and work to turn Illinois pro-life.