Illinois Pro-lifers: Keep Up Your Momentum!

We’re eager to tell you about the INCREDIBLE pro-life rally that took place on Wednesday.

But before we do that, we need to give you two important updates on these dangerous abortion bills in the Illinois House and Senate:

First – SB 1594 will soon be headed for a vote:

SB 1594 is the Senate version of HB 2467 which will repeal the Illinois Parental Notification Law for abortion. As it stands, SB 1594 could be voted on in the Illinois Senate as early as next week.

Please call your state senators (and tell your friends to do the same) urging them to vote NO on SB 1594. This bill is very dangerous. You can find your state senator here.

Second – witness slips are available for HB 2495 and HB 2467:

HB 2495 (the bill allowing late term abortions without limit) and HB 2467 (the bill repealing parental notice) have been scheduled for a hearing in the House Human Services Committee, next Wednesday.

This means that now you can file NEW witness slips in opposition to these bills. We have 6 days. Click here to file your witness slips.

At the same time, please continue to call your state representatives and urge them to vote NO on HB 2495 and HB 2467. You can find your state representative here.

I know that we’ve asked you to do this many times, but I want you to know:

It is working! All of the phone calls, all of the witness slips, and all of the grassroots pro-life work taking place in communities all over Illinois is what is keeping our legislators from moving on these bills.

Please keep working on them. Let’s keep up the momentum.

Our legislative chairman, Ralph Rivera (who has been working in Springfield for over 30 years) said he has never seen such a large, united, pro-life effort to defend innocent human life and protect women and girls in this state in all his time working in Springfield.

You should be pro-life proud. We definitely are.

That being said, what happened on Wednesday was something for the history books. Illinois pro-lifers from all over the state came to Springfield to lobby and rally against these dangerous abortion bills.

And boy oh boy – Springfield did not know what it had coming.

Over 4,000 energized people crowded into the State Capitol – that is, if they could fit. The Capitol was so full that security had to close the doors, causing people to gather outside.

It was a powerful display of pro-life passion and love – something we hope our leaders will never forget.

You can read more about the rally by clicking here, here, and here. We also invite you to watch Mary Kate Knorr, spokesperson for Illinois Right to Life Action, talk about the rally on EWTN. Just click below:

Once again, thank you for all your help.

Now, let’s get back to work.