Illinois For Life

At Illinois Right to Life, we know that there is a better future for the women and babies of our state.


Over the past few years, abortion advocates have been tremendously successful in wiping away every protection for preborn babies and their mothers. They have made Illinois a haven for abortion extremism where thousands of preborn babies lose their lives each year and their mothers face grave danger from an abortion industry allowed to regulate itself.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Illinois for Life is our three-part strategic plan that will restore life and hope back to Illinois. With your help, we can restore protection to preborn babies and their mothers in Illinois to rebuild a culture of life.


This is our plan:




Many Illinois residents, even some who are pro-life, have no idea how radical Illinois abortion law is. They have no idea that:


  • Illinois abortion clinics regulate themselves, and nail, tanning, and beauty  salons face tougher inspection standards than abortion clinics in our state,
  • Coroners are no longer required to investigate deaths at abortion clinics,
  • Minor girls – aged 13, 14, and even younger – can obtain abortions without their parents even being informed.


This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Illinois’s abortion extremism. We must educate thousands of Illinoisans to these facts. We must let them know that abortion is bad for women, bad for our society, and brutally takes the lives of the most innocent members of the human family.


Grassroots Action


With the help of our sister organization, Illinois Right to Life Action, we will use grassroots action combined with the latest technology to show the pro-life issue can be a winning issue, even in Illinois.


Illinois has become radically pro-abortion because of the radical abortion advocates groups like Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood that have helped elect. The laws these extremists have helped pass are causing our abortion rate in Illinois to skyrocket, a number that will grow exponentially worse after the expected decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health


We only need a handful of new, pro-life legislators to make a change in Springfield, and we have the numbers to prove that the pro-life issue is not something for candidates to fear. In recent polling conducted by Illinois Right to Life Action, we found that even in pro-abortion districts:


  • 57 percent of residents are less likely to vote for a candidate who supported portions of the Reproductive Health Act.
  • 74 percent of residents oppose the repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion.
  • 76 percent of residents support limits on abortion, in contradiction to the agendas of Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood that have allowed for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy in Illinois.


Even in pro-abortion districts, residents soundly reject the abortion extremism that is rampant in Illinois.


Resources for Mothers & Babies


The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute predicts that, following the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision, Illinois could become home to the closest abortion clinic for as many as 10 million reproductive-aged women from out of state. That means Illinois’s abortion rate could skyrocket from our current rate of approximately 46,000 abortions each year to 75,000, 100,000, or more. It is imperative that we develop ways to help these women choose life and that we continue our efforts to help mothers here at home.


Currently, our Project Love program is assisting our friends at pregnancy resource centers by providing financial assistance to their clients in need. If a woman is considering abortion because of an immediate financial crisis, or a young family is struggling financially, Project Love will supply payments directly to landlords, utility companies, and other legitimate creditors so these women can choose life and parent confidently. All Project Love grant recipients are vetted carefully. Since its inception over 25 years ago, over $.5 million has been awarded in Project Love grants.


We know that as the economy continues to falter, the demand for these grants will grow. We also know that there will be thousands of out-of-state women who need help once they reach Illinois. Project Love will grow to meet these needs and save more lives than ever.


The success of Illinois for Life depends on you. Please give generously and help us win ILLINOIS FOR LIFE!


For more information please contact Illinois Right to Life at

[email protected] or (312) 422-9300