“If I was to do this all over again…I would choose life.”

“It took me three years to move out of depression and receive healing. And I continue my healing process by educating others about how abortion hurts women.

Have you heard Chanel Moore’s powerful story yet?

Chanel, a native of Chicago, was just 16 years old and in high school when she had an abortion.

With incredible courage, Chanel shared her story with us as one of our first Heart2Heart Educational Program speakers, to combat the lie that abortion is empowering and to tell our high school students the truth.

She told us the heartbreaking story of how abortion was presented to her as the only option and how she suffered in its aftermath. Chanel explains:

“My pain and my regret for having an abortion is forever written on my heart with a permanent marker…If I was to do this all over again, I would choose happiness, and I would choose life.”

We are so grateful to Chanel for her bravery in sharing, and we invite you to watch Chanel Moore’s Live Heart2Heart Program presentation here:

Students need to hear the truth, the science, and these real life experiences to gently open the hearts and minds of pro-choice and indifferent students and empower those that are already pro-life.

That’s the mission of the Heart2Heart Educational Program. Through education, we’re turning Illinois pro-life, one heart at a time.

If you haven’t shared the Heart2Heart Program with the teachers and students at your local high school, now is the time.

Don’t forget to go to www.Heart2HeartEdu.com, where you will find other videos (just like Chanel’s) and educational materials, specifically designed for high school teachers and students…and they’re all free.

Also, one more thing…

A few weeks ago, we asked that if you had a personal story and you wanted to inspire and offer hope to someone else, to submit your story on our new Share Your Story page.

Thank you to those who courageously submitted their own stories. If you’d like to read them, visit our Read Stories from Others page.