Here’s What You Can Do to Stop Illinois’ Extreme Abortion Bills

We wanted to update you on some important details about the new, extreme abortion “bill package” introduced in the General Assembly. They are:

HB 2467: Parent Notice Abortion Repeal
HB 2495: Reproductive Health Act

Illinois Right to Life Action and the attorneys at the Thomas More Society have thoroughly read through and analyzed the ramifications of each of these bills.

Here’s what these bills will do:

1. Remove all limits on late-term abortions. Abortion, up to the moment of birth, for any reason or no reason at all, will be allowed.

2. Remove any parental involvement in an underage girl’s abortion.

3. Remove all licensing requirements and health and safety standards for abortion clinics, including late-term abortion clinics.

4. Allow non-doctors to perform abortions and allow women to obtain abortion pills (medical abortions) without a physician’s prescription.

5. Force all insurance plans to cover abortions, with no exception for churches, religious organizations, or pro-life groups.

6. Expressly declare that the unborn child has no rights.

7. Remove conscience protections from pro-life doctors, nurses, and hospitals who refuse to participate in abortions.

8. Eliminate the requirement that abortion numbers be reported publicly, so that the additional number of abortions, or the number of abortions done on out-of-state women or underage girls, will not be made public.

We’ve never seen such anti-life boldness as this.

If you were thinking about becoming involved in the pro-life movement and helping Illinois Right to Life Action save babies in our state…

there would be no better time than now.

Here’s what you can do, right now, to help us combat the abortion industry:

>> Join us as we rally on Wednesday, March 20th, at the Capitol Rotunda in Springfield in opposition to these extreme bills. More info, here.

>> Call your state representative and tell them to vote NO on HB 2467 and HB 2495. You can find your representative here.

>> Host a town hall meeting at your church or event space and invite a representative from IRLA to come speak. If you’re interested, email me back.

>> Hold a volunteer night and invite your friends or fellow parishioners to make phone calls, urging people to call their legislators about these bills.

>> Place a bulletin insert or flyer in your parish bulletin. We can provide them for you!

>> Sign our petition and share it with your friends to sign. You can find it here.

>> Fill out a witness slip on HB 2467 and HB 2495. We will send you instructions when they become available (so email us at [email protected]). We need as many as we can get.

Thank you for your help. It’s needed now more than ever.