Help us find these children a forever family?

Last week we shared with you six beautiful children around the world who are patiently waiting to be adopted. Their governments consider them “unadoptable” for various reasons. But Bethany Christian Services said they hear all the time:

“This child is such a great kid. Why haven’t they been adopted yet?”

We have five more precious kids who need a mom and a dad. And a brother and/or sister.

As November – adoption month – has come to a close, we’re praying God has put it on your heart to adopt. Alison Lamsma at Bethany Christian Adoption Services in Chicago is waiting to answer any questions you may have – 708.385.4889.

Here are a few angels that are waiting right now to be adopted into their “forever family.”

Jonas, Age 3, Columbia 


Bethany staff recently had the chance to meet and get to know Jonas. Though a little shy, Jonas is a busy little boy who gets along well with others. He loves hugs and playing hide and seek. His smile and laughter brighten the room and quickly steal your heart.

After spending several months at a facility specializing in providing therapeutic services for children with cerebral palsy, he is able to move quickly around the room — walking, running, and pushing himself around on a toy car. Jonas enjoys being outdoors and particularly likes to swing.

Would you adopt Jonas?

Kylie, Age 10, China


Kylie is an introverted girl who becomes more active in a familiar environment. She resides with her foster family, who has cared for her since she was a year old and attends the community’s primary school, where she studies in the 5th grade with average performance. She most recently earned an A in English and has a broad vocabulary in areas like colors, animals, and weather.

She is respectful of her teachers and follows the rules, and she is reportedly popular with both teachers and other children. In her free time, Kylie enjoys playing games on the computer, cell phone, and iPad.

Bethany staff had the chance to meet and get to know Kylie. She was easily able to focus on activities like Legos and puzzles, and she caught on quickly to the game UNO. The team greatly enjoyed spending time with her and is happy to share a bit more about their experience with Kylie with you!

Would you like to adopt Kylie?

Tye, Age 13, China


Tye is an active, bright, social, and healthy boy who wants to be a teacher. According to his teachers at the local school, he is a joy to have in class, has lots of friends and receives high grades. He is an athletic boy but is also musically inclined, having recently learned to play the piano. Tye has selected computers as his extracurricular activity at the orphanage and enjoys playing Chinese chess.

Bethany staff had the chance to meet and get to know Tye. He enjoyed playing “hangman” in English, and only lost once! He also held a written conversation with a volunteer, also in English! This boy is so smart, and we are confident that he will thrive in an adoptive family.

Would give Tye a family?

Sarai, Ages 2, China


Sarai is a playful little girl who enjoys exploring her surroundings. She enjoys playing with rattles and finds joy in pulling off her socks with her teeth. She is attentive and will turn around when she is called. She can sit up, roll over, and can hold her head up straight when cuddling with caretakers. She also had a good appetite. She smiles when she is teased and recognizes those she is familiar with.

Would you like to adopt Sarai?

Jaydon, Age 3, China


Jaydon is a quiet little boy who is attached to his nannies and shows anxiety with strangers. However, hearing music will soothe and calm him. He is reportedly an active child who loves to play with balls. Due to some deformities in his limbs, Jaydon receives water therapy, where he happily splashes around. He has learned to adjust to his different abilities and plays with balls and other toys using his feet. Overall, Jaydon is a happy boy, giggling when tickled and smiling bog to familiar faces

Would you adopt Jaydon?


What’s at the top of these kids Christmas list?…a family.

We’re praying these children find a home with one of our big hearted Illinoisans this Christmas. Cost is always a concern when adopting. We just want you to know, that there is a $13,000 tax credit along with grants from many organizations to help cover costs. I hope you’ll help us give a child the gift a family this Christmas!