He Was Indicted…What’s Going On?

What is going on?

That’s what people have been asking us.

Early last week, David Daleiden, the man who went undercover into the abortion industry to expose Planned Parenthood for selling unborn baby body parts for profit, was indicted. Yes, the courageous hero is being charged with crimes that could put him in jail for 20 years. 

Nevertheless, on the morning of February 4, 2016, Mr. Daleiden and his team of top-notch attorneys appeared before a Texas judge seeking to throw out the charges because they are baseless. We’ve poured over the evidence released, read countless media articles, heard it straight from Mr. Daleiden’s attorneys, and reviewed Planned Parenthood’s responses. Now, we broke it down into all you need to know.

UPDATE 2/5: Yesterday, Daleiden was offered a plea deal of probation where the charges would eventually be dropped if he did what they said. Daleiden said the only “plea deal” he’d accept would be an apology and all charges dismissed. They will now go to trial. 
Here’s the skinny:

Daleiden made national headlines last July, when he released video documentation of Planned Parenthood senior officials callously discussing selling fetal body parts for profit over salad and red wine. After that first video with now 3.1 million views, Daleiden has released approximately eleven additional videos.

Since the videos have been released, the following has occurred:

  • Congress voted, for the first time in history, to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • 2 special congressional investigations have been launched into Planned Parenthood.
  • 13 state investigations were launched into Planned Parenthood.
  • 5 states removed their state funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was questioned by Congress during a congressional hearing.
  • Planned Parenthood admitted to Congress, in a letter, that it had illegally altered abortion procedures to harvest aborted baby body-parts.
  • Planned Parenthood agreed to stop accepting monetary payments for harvesting aborted baby body-parts in a letter to the National Institutes of Health.
  • Planned Parenthood made a public apology for the callous nature and tone of one of their officials in the videos.
  • The largest nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood took place – #ProtestPP. Over 78,000 people throughout the U.S., as well as six foreign countries, participated.

As you can imagine, these videos rocked the abortion industry like never before.

But weren’t the videos highly edited? 
No. Two reviews were commissioned by cybersecurity and forensic analysis companies. Both declared there was no evidence of video manipulation to change the dialog in the videos. Now, the abortion mafia is coming after Daleiden with all they’ve got.

Here are the current legal battles he’s fending off:

Los Angeles: Stem Express, a baby body parts brokerage company, sued Daleiden and his team to try and keep a key video of their CEO from being released. Stem Express lost as the judge declared that Daleiden was engaged in legal undercover journalism and therefore he is protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

However, Daleiden is still awaiting the judge’s decision on other charges, namely whether or not his team illegally recorded without consent of the other party. (His attorneys assert that in California it is legal to record undercover if the intent is to protect a person’s life.)

San Fransisco: The National Abortion Federation (NAF) sued Daleiden in an attempt to keep videos from being released that were recorded at NAF meetings and conferences. They assert Daleiden and his team violated confidentiality contracts with NAF. The lawsuit is ongoing.

A second lawsuit: was brought just two weeks ago by Planned Parenthood Federation of America and some of its affiliates. Attorneys for Daleiden tell us parts of this complaint filed was nearly identical to the NAF lawsuit above, as if they had copied and pasted.

The lawsuit says in many different ways that Daleiden lied and they want him to pay huge amounts of monetary damages. However, Planned Parenthood stops short of bringing a defamation case – a case saying Daleiden is falsely spreading lies about them. Interesting.

Harris County: Now for the indictment. A grand jury was convened to look into the allegations that Texas Planned Parenthoods were heavily engaged in the selling of baby body parts for profit. The Associated Press tell us the grand jury never even voted on Planned Parenthood’s guilt. Instead, they indicted the two undercover journalist, charging them with the following crimes:

1. Tampering with a government document for using a fake ID and a fake name. The jury upped the charge, therefore it carries potentially 20 years in prison.

2. He was charged for attempting to buy baby body parts. It’s a misdemeanor charge with a potential sentence of one year in prison.

His team of attorneys immediately decried the charges as completely baseless, four presidential candidates called the charges unbelievably wrong, and pro-choice professors wrote an op-ed at CNN saying it is wrong to criminalize Daleiden.

Let’s put this into perspective. ABC, NBC, 60 minutes, 20/20, undercover police… they all use the exact same tactics of a fake name to conduct their undercover journalism. A minor trying to buy alcohol also uses a fake ID but doesn’t get 20 years in prison.

How is Daleiden different?

He’s publicly pro-life. The law the DA is trying to prosecute Daleiden under is set up for identity thefts. Not for heroic undercover journalists exposing corruption.

So what about the second charge?

Daleiden and his team are being charged with attempting to buy and profit off of aborted baby body parts? What? We all know he was posing as a buyer in order to show Planned Parenthood’s illegal behavior. He never had the intent to buy or profit from the fetal body parts.

How did Daleiden respond?

Daleiden released even more damning footage of Planned Parenthoods in Texas discussing how they cover up the profit of baby body part sales. Texas investigations into Planned Parenthood are still ongoing. Daleiden and his team are heroes. He is literally placing everything he has on the line. He faces monetary ruin. He faces 20+ years in jail.


To protect the innocent, vulnerable unborn child (and he’s just 27 years old.)

The only thing standing between Planned Parenthood losing over $500 million dollars in government funding is a pro-life president. The only thing standing between a fair investigation into the practices of the country’s largest abortion provider is a pro-life Department of Justice.

You better believe Planned Parenthood is unleashing every single ounce of political favors and capital they have to bury Daleiden and his team. They’re fighting to keep from crumbling to the ground.

We cannot stand by as this 27-year-old hero takes the force of the abortion industry alone. There are two things you can do right now to help:

1. Write Daleiden and his team a thank you note with a few words of encouragement. Your notes will be hand delivered to Daleiden. To do so, visit www.IllinoisRightToLife.org/stand-with-david/.

2. Meet Daleiden in person. On April 26, 2016, Daleiden will join Illinois Right to Life as our keynote speaker. He’ll tell us what it was like to go undercover for 30 months. He’ll explain how he held up as he dined with the nation’s abortionists. And he’ll tell you how he’s doing as the abortion mafia is trying to bury him.

We need Illinois to come out in STRONG support of Daleiden to give him the support he needs to take on – and topple – the abortion industry.

Purchase your tickets here to meet Daleiden in person right now.

To conclude, here’s a final summary of what has happened:

Daleiden caught Planned Parenthood on video saying they sell aborted babies for profit. Planned Parenthood got really embarrassed, and now they’re in a lot of trouble.

The abortion giant is on the edge of toppling down. Its poll numbers are dropping, state money is being cut off, and people are starting to think they are shady. Countless investigations are ongoing.

The abortion industry is doing everything it can to bury and burn Daleiden. So much so that pro-Planned Parenthood professors have come outagainst prosecuting Daleiden.

Now, Daleiden faces potentially 20+ years in prison and monetary ruin, if Planned Parenthood has its way.

Illinois Right to Life is rallying around David in two ways: 1. Send him a thank you letter here that will be hand delivered to him from you. 2. Meet him in person and show him we’re standing with David by purchasing tickets here.

Now is not the time to sit this one out. Thank you for being there for this courageous and heroic man.

For more citations, email info@IllinoisRightToLife.org.