HB40: Here’s the situation

Remember HB40?

This is the bill that provides free abortions to those on Medicaid and state employees for any reason, including birth control.

And where does the state get the money to pay for these abortions? From you and me – taxpayers.

It passed both the House and the Senate, and now still awaits to be sent to the Governor’s desk.


As we speak, the pro-abortion forces in our state are pushing hard on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to sign this bill. 

Last April, he publicly promised that he would veto HB40 should it reach his desk. According to his spokesperson, he realizes there are sharp divisions of opinion over taxpayer funding of abortion in our state and does not support the bill.

We are thankful to Governor Rauner for his position against HB40, despite his pro-choice views.

But right now, the anti-life forces in Illinois are putting tough pressure on him.

That’s why we need you to call Governor Rauner’s office once again, thank him for agreeing to veto this terrible bill, and ask him to PLEASE keep his promise. 

You can call his office right now at: 217-782-0244. You can also send him an email here.

If HB40 becomes law, here’s what it will mean:

1) All Illinoisans will be forced to pay for these free abortions that can be done through all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason, even when the unborn child can feel pain and survive outside the womb.

2) Based on our research, we are projecting that Illinois abortions would increase 12,000 more per year.

3) State spending is limitless since there is no cap to the number of abortions that can be done under Medicaid.

This bill shows how unrestrained the abortion industry is in their push to expand abortion at all costs.

We are thankful that our Governor has put his foot down on this bill, and we’re going to tell him. We hope you do too.