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Preparing Illinois for a Post-Roe America

Between our extreme laws and the abortion industry shamelessly luring women to our state, it’s no surprise that Illinois is the abortion capitol of the Midwest. Illinois abortion laws don’t just pose a threat to the women and preborn babies of Illinois, they are a threat to women and babies in our neighboring states — and beyond. But there’s more. The Texas Heartbeat Law and the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization U.S. Supreme Court case threaten to truly make Illinois ground zero in the nation’s abortion debate. Illinois Right to Life is determined to restore protection to preborn babies and their mothers throughout the Midwest.


Ground Zero Tour, VIRTUAL!

Thursday, September 22, 7pm

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The Ground Zero Tour is the Beginning.

At the Ground Zero Tour you’ll hear from Illinois Right to Life leaders and learn:

  • How Illinois became a haven of abortion extremism
  • Ways the abortion industry is profiting from our radical laws
  • Why the Texas Heartbeat Law and the U.S. Supreme Court will affect Illinois
  • Illinois Right to Life’s plans to begin reducing the number of abortions in our state
  • How YOU can be a part of this life-saving revolution!

For questions or if you have mobility issues, contact Sarah at [email protected] or call 312-422-9300.