Georgette Forney: Bringing Hope and Healing to Women

A dynamic hero for women, Georgette’s story is relatively simple: At 16, she got an abortion because it seemed like the simple solution. However, it wasn’t until she was in her mid-thirties that she finally found healing.

What she did because of that healing has changed countless lives. Her story begins one “Sanctity of Life Sunday,” where she first plummeted into the depths of despair before taking her hurt and sorrow and using it to lead a ministry of hope and healing for women.

Even after she realized she needed to do her part to help women feel strong enough to keep their children, she still was struggling. “I kept saying to God, ‘I can’t end abortion,’” Georgette explained, However she came to realize that, “Our work isn’t going to singlehandedly stop all of this, but with all the work that Anglicans for Life does, we are ending it for one person.”

People have different motivations for being pro-life, different motivations for wanting to end abortion, and Georgette’s motivation is simple: she wants to instill in women the fact that they are strong enough to keep their child.

“That day I heard about the evil of abortion, I did not hear about the compassion of Jesus relating to abortion,” she explains, and wants to make sure that women who hear about the horrors of abortion also hear about the abundance of healing that can be found.

She talks about the importance of sidewalk counseling: of being there for the women in the last possible moment before they make a life-altering decision. However, if they do decide to go through with the abortion, she aknowledges that we can’t leave them there: we are responsible for giving women hope and healing.

This is why she started speaking out for women. She is the co-founder of the Silent No More campaign, and a pastor at Anglicans for Life. To hear more about Forney’s story and her passion for women, please listen to our full podcast here.