Fight for Parental Notice Ramps Up

Last legislative session, our Illinois Right to Life Action team along with other pro-life activists succeeded in thwarting the pro-abortion movement’s attempt to repeal Illinois’s Parental Notification of Abortion Act. Unfortunately, these efforts have been recently reignited after recent national developments in the fight for life: 

(1) In May, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade;

(2) In September, the Court upheld Texas’s Heartbeat Bill, which bans abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy.

Unfortunately we have learned that this month legislators will likely vote on a bill to repeal Parental Notice in the upcoming Veto Session, beginning October 19. 

Clearly, the abortion industry is afraid that they are losing ground. Parental Notification of Abortion prevents approximately 1,000 abortions each year, so the abortion industry is obviously losing profits. Because of this, Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other abortion advocates are putting political pressure on legislators to remove Illinois’s sole remaining pro-life law. 

Abortion advocates want to eliminate commonsense legislation that allows parents to be involved in the health decisions of their minor daughters, protects young girls from sex trafficking, and can give them the freedom and opportunity to choose life. The law does not even require a parent’s consent, so this isn’t a matter of limiting choice but increasing it, as many young girls are more likely to choose life when they know they have parents who will support them.

Who would oppose that? And why would they?

Those who put abortion over all else; those who do not actually care about women’s health or a woman’s so-called right to choose—those who only care about the millions in profit they receive from abortion.

Large majorities of Illinois voters support the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. A Tarrance Poll taken last March found that a whopping 72% of Illinois voters support keeping PNA in place. This includes 55% of voters who identified as “pro-choice”. That number jumped to 76% among people of color.

As stated above, repealing the law makes it easier for human traffickers and sexual predators to hide their crimes with abortion. Scores of experts on human trafficking as well as law enforcement professionals oppose the repeal of PNA for this very reason. This includes Laura Lederer, J.D., Dr. Brook Bello, and many more.

On behalf of Illinois’s young women and preborn children—1,000 of whom are saved each year due to the Parental Notice of Abortion Act—we ask you to call your legislators and urge them to VOTE AGAINST THE REPEAL OF PNA. 

Protect our young girls.

Save our preborn children.

Stand up against the pro-aborts who are dedicated to making Illinois the most pro-abortion state in the country.