Electa’s Story

Electa Measha radiates confidence, fulfillment, and enthusiasm. When she came into Illinois Right to Life’s office to record her podcast, the entire staff immediately loved her.

“I was born for a reason. I give unconditional love naturally,” she explained, when asked about her obvious enthusiasm for life.

A few weeks earlier, Electa spoke at our Project Love Breakfast. Not only is she a mother of a beautiful baby, Amira—she is also a Project Love Grant Recipient.

When Electa first got pregnant, she was scared and unsure. She wanted to keep her baby but, with all of the obstacles in her way, she wasn’t sure how she would financially manage.

In her upcoming episode of Life Chat, Electa explains the hoops she jumped through to try to obtain help for her child and herself. She called every charity she could, talked to countless people, and she was directed to a dozen places until someone finally recommended Project Love.

Not only did Project Love, a program of Illinois Right to Life, financially help Electa, they also emotionally supported her. She  praises the ‘mothering’ they gave her and the  crucial advice and encouragement she received.

With the help of Project Love, Electa was able to keep her beautiful baby, and she is now married to her daughter Amira’s father. She couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful story that led to Amira’s birth and their life together, now, as a family.

To listen to Electa’s entire story, don’t miss our latest podcast episode of Life Chat, airing TOMORROW! 

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