The Illinois Primary Election: What’s at Stake?

Tuesday, March 15th, is a big day for Illinois. All across the state, Illinoisans will emerge from their communities, line up at the ballot boxes, and cast their votes during an election year that holds tremendous weight. Each and every … Continue reading

Genetically Modified 3-Parent Children. What?

Imagine a world where people are eliminated because they’re not perfect, or because their lives are judged to be worthless. Imagine scientists striving to create flawless human beings by destroying others. Sounds like a nightmare. Sadly, it is this same … Continue reading

40 Days for Life Spring 2016 Campaign

On Wednesday, February 10th, 40 Days for Life kicked off its 2016 spring campaign with a bang! People from 273 locations, in 23 separate countries, are said to be participating in this peaceful vigil for life. In just the past … Continue reading

He Was Indicted…What’s Going On?

What is going on? That’s what people have been asking us. Early last week, David Daleiden, the man who went undercover into the abortion industry to expose Planned Parenthood for selling unborn baby body parts for profit, was indicted. Yes, the … Continue reading

Meet the Abortion Industry’s Most Wanted Pro-lifer…In Person!

For 30 months, he secretly explored the inner workings of the abortion industry. Undercover, he investigated and recorded the operations of the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. In doing so, he obtained video documentation that exposed the abortion giant for … Continue reading

Join Us Tonight! We’re “Starting 2016 Off Huge”

Don’t miss it! Tonight, please join us, the Illinois Right to Life, at our one-time-only, free webcast, hosted by our Executive Director, Emily Zender. 2016 is going to be a crucial year for the pro-life movement, and you will learn … Continue reading

The 2016 March for Life Chicago: A Day to Remember

At 2pm on Sunday, January 17, 2016, an estimated 5,000 people immersed the city streets of downtown Chicago in a sea of smiling faces, singing voices, yellow balloons, and genuine joy. This record-breaking crowd was composed of pro-life individuals from … Continue reading

Illinois Abortion Statistics 2014: IL Abortions at their lowest yet

Today, the Illinois Department of Public Health released statistics for 2014 showing abortions in Illinois reached their lowest level since the legalization of abortion in 1973. The number of abortions declined in every single age category. “This is now the … Continue reading