Black Pro-Life Activists Call Out Planned Parenthood for Its Racism

Remaining overshadowed in the background of the Black Lives Matter movement are thousands and thousands of people who agree with the statement that black lives matter, but believe that the principles of the movement and the way they are carried out are a complete turn-off.

On Tuesday, some of these people emerged, calling Planned Parenthood out for being racist and discriminatory against black pre-born babies. They wrote and signed a letter demanding Planned Parenthood deny its racist roots. The letter states that the data support the eugenics and racism Planned Parenthood practices.

“The impact of abortion on black communities is unequal and disproportionate. Despite constituting only 13% of the female population, black women represent 36% of all abortions, and black women are five times more likely than white women to receive an abortion. In some cities, like New York, more black children are aborted every year than are born alive.” 

This staggering statistic is not just mere coincidence, but rather the consequence of strategically placing Planned Parenthoods in minority neighborhoods across the nation. 

The letter states: “Since George Floyd’s tragic death in police custody, Planned Parenthood has openly voiced its support of the Black Lives Matter movement and its commitment to combating racism in all its forms,” It says that if this is the case, Planned Parenthood will have no problem fixing racist problems within the organization and committing to the cause of giving equal care to everyone. Since Planned Parenthood hasn’t done this yet, there is obviously more to the story.

The letter goes on to express that Margaret Sanger was so incredibly and undeniably racist that Planned Parenthood needs to publicly renounce Sanger, including the Margaret Sanger award that goes out to the Planned Parenthood Employee of the Month. “We call on you to change that. Planned Parenthood National must renounce the views and legacy of its founder and acknowledge and discontinue its ongoing systemic targeting of Black Americans with abortion facilities.”

The article ends with the short and direct statement, “You are right that every American must confront, challenge, and dismantle the racist institutions and practices that surround us. Planned Parenthood must do the same.”

This letter was signed by one hundred prominent black pro-life leaders including former Patriots player Benjamin Watson, Dr. Alveda King, Louisiana pro-life Democrat Senator Katrina Jackson, and Reverend Dean Nelson, the executive director of Human Life Coalition Action. It shows that prominent pro-life leaders, who also happen to be of color, are not standing back and letting the pro-choice leaders speak for them. 

They are identifying that there is a grave injustice going on: 80% of abortion clinics are in minority towns, and Margaret Sanger was an extreme racist! Their people are being treated unfairly every day, and these leaders want to put an end to this now.