Beware of these bills!

They’re ugly…

Right now, an ominous group of anti-life bills is being proposed to the Illinois General Assembly. Some are about to be voted on, and they all directly affect you.

Here are the proposed bills. Please read through them carefully, and call your state legislators immediately:


  1. House Bill 887This bill drives a wedge between parents and their children by allowing children on their parents’ healthcare plan to obtain “secret services.” The plan pays for these services without ever notifying the parents. What is one of the secret services? Abortion. This bill will completely undermine the Illinois Parental Notification law.
  1. House Bill 5576: This bill will require insurance plans to cover over-the-counter abortion inducing drugs like Plan B and Ella. This will also force employers’ insurance plans to cover these drugs making pro-life companies pay for abortions.The Illinois House has already voted to pass this bill, with a 61 to 52 vote last Thursday. Now it is headed to the Senate.
  1. House Bill 4013: We defeated this bill last year and now it’s back. This bill will require Illinois taxpayers to pay for abortions for any reason, through all nine months of pregnancy for those on Illinois’ Public Aid Medical Program. This could increase the number of abortions by 12,000 per year.
  1. Senate Bill 1564: We’ve been fighting this bill for a year now and the multi-million dollar pro-abortion lobby is pushing hard to get it passed. This bill will force pregnancy resource centers, hospitals, and pro-life physicians to refer for abortions and discuss the benefits of abortion. Stay updated on the status of this fight at:


Illinois pro-lifers – it’s time to act. Call your state legislators right now and kindly tell them to vote NO on these bills. You can find your legislator here.