Beach Bod or Baby: When Being Pro-Choice Means Choosing a Beach Body over a Baby

There are many reasons women might use to justify getting an abortion, from mental health to physical reasons, but recently a woman was given an abortion pill for a reason most people would agree is preposterous. Christian Concern, a group that goes undercover at abortion clinics to see what actually goes on there, explained what happened when one of their undercover investigators went into an abortion clinic in London, England.

According to the report, the undercover investigator called the British Pregnancy Advisory Service and asked for abortifacient drugs because being pregnant was “emotionally draining” and she “didn’t want to worry about looking pregnant on the beach.” This investigator received the pills in the mail a few days ago, with no other questions asked or appointments made to even check up on her mental health! Christian Concern wanted this news to reach the public and made a statement about what had happened. 

Andrea Williams, the chief executive of Christian Concern, said, “This is what the abortion industry wants. Abortion pills on demand, no questions asked… So it is sadly not a surprise that they are prepared to give out abortion pills for a bikini body. The life of the unborn child is worth less than a bikini selfie.” It is astonishing how far the pro-choice side is willing to go in justifying abortion. Now it seems physical appearance is enough of a reason to end the life of one’s own child. will go so far as to claim that looks alone are a reason for a woman to get an abortion. This is what abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time looks like.

Students for Life also covered this story, saying, “what’s uniquely tragic is how our culture has managed to convince women like Reid that being pregnant is ugly and unattractive. What’s attractive about pregnancy, however, is not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside: both the heart of the mother and her unborn baby.” 

When a woman seeks an abortion solely for the sake of attaining the perfect “beach bod,” this indicates that the culture is in need of a serious change. This is true about more things than one, but particularly, our culture needs to start viewing pregnancy as a beautiful thing. Once this happens, perhaps women will feel more empowered to choose life and wear it proudly.