Back to Basics: Is it a baby?

Sometimes you have to go back to basics and ask a simple question, like:

Is it a baby? Or is it just tissue?

Emily looked into this for you. She’s got a pretty good answer…

In order to determine if it’s a baby, or if its tissue, we have to know what tissue is.

This…this is tissue. If you google human tissue, this shows up.Now at conception, an unborn child’s hair color, eye color, and gender have all been determined. The unborn child’s DNA is completely unique from its mother’s, and will never again be repeated in the history of the world.[1]

This is a baby at 3 weeks. Now at 3 weeks is when an unborn child’s heart begins to beat. That’s before most women know that they’re pregnant. [2]

At 4 months is when an unborn child can hiccup inside the womb. This is a baby at 3 months.[3]

Now at 5 months is when scientists begin to feel the pain of being dismembered by the abortion. This is a baby at 6 months. Now between 5 and 6 months is when the unborn child can begin to survive outside the womb. [4]

So, when does a child become a child? Well don’t take our word for it. Take the word of scientists and medical textbooks from all around the country – actually, from all around the world.

This is a compilation of just 40 different textbooks and scientists and medical professionals who agree that life begins at conception. You can read it for yourself in the link below.[5]

So let’s review:





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