Two Pro-Life Country Songs on Top Charts Last Month

In the past few weeks, two (quite arguably) pro-life country songs have risen to the top of the charts in country music.“One of them Girls” and “One Beer” are numbers 4 and 6 on the Hot Country Billboard chart. “One … Continue reading

Tennessee Bans on Abortion Partially Upheld

Last week, a Tennessee law banning abortion for a number of reasons was partially upheld in the appeals court as debates concerning this law continue. According to CNN the “6th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted part of a lower court’s … Continue reading

Pro-Lifers Sue on Basis of Discrimination

On November 18, the Frederick Douglass Foundation and Students for Life of America filed a lawsuit in federal court stating that the Washington D.C. police discriminated against their group’s pro-life views by preventing them from chalking pro-life messages on the … Continue reading