BREAKING: Supreme Court Ruling Puts Stop to Mail-Order Abortions

ILLINOIS RIGHT TO LIFE RESPONDS TO RECENT SUPREME COURT RULING WHICH RESTRICTS THE DISTRIBUTION OF CHEMICAL ABORITON PILLS JANUARY, 12–(CHICAGO) Illinois Right to Life applauds today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling which affirmed that the Trump Administration can enforce a Federal … Continue reading

The Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines and Abortion

By Amy Gehrke, Executive Director & Steve Jacobs, J.D./Ph.D., Program Director, Illinois Right to Life    With all of the news about the development of COVID-19 vaccines, which could soon be mandated by states and employers, many pro-life advocates are … Continue reading

Meet Amy – Our New Executive Director!

There’s someone special we would like you to meet. It is our pleasure introduce you to Amy Gehrke –  our new executive director! We couldn’t be more excited and proud to welcome Amy to the IRL team! Amy brings with … Continue reading

Our Pro-Life Training Tour Returns: Book Your Event Today!

After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from last year’s events, we are excited to announce the return of our Pro-Life Training Tour! Under the circumstances of our current times, this year’s training tour has been calibrated to perfectly fit 2020. … Continue reading

Get Your Pro-Life Voter Guide Today

Once again, election season is upon us! The general election is on Tuesday, November 3rd, so Illinois Right to Life Action has prepared a voter guide to get you ready to vote. You can go to right now to … Continue reading

PETITION: Demand Planned Parenthood of Illinois Return the Millions it Improperly Received in PPP Money

Our tax dollars shouldn’t fund the killing of innocent children. Sign our petition to demand Planned Parenthood of Illinois return the millions of dollars it received in Paycheck Protection Program loans. Many affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America wrongly … Continue reading

Seven Influential Black Pro-Life Advocates of Today

During this time in which protests, marches, and riots to end racism and the prejudices projected on black people are sweeping the nation, Illinois Right to Life would like to emphasize the importance of black lives and would like to … Continue reading