Rebekah Hagan: A Passionate Advocate for Women

“Within just a moment, just about 60 seconds, I saw my life plan… I saw it all just flash before my eyes.”  In the latest episode of Life Chat Rebekah Hagan explains the utter fear and discouragement she felt when … Continue reading

Amy Gehrke: Executive Director of Illinois Right to Life

A shining light in the pro-life movement, our incredible new executive director Amy Gehrke shares her story, and how she finally ended up in Illinois. Her first pro-life memory is when her father suddenly announced he was going to start … Continue reading

ATTENTION: Project Love’s 25th Anniversary Breakfast

Looking to support an organization that helps women in need? Want to join friends, family, and others who share your passion for protecting women and their children, both born and preborn? Come join us for Project Love’s 25th Anniversary Breakfast … Continue reading

Terrible New Pro-Abortion bill is Introduced

A new, terrible pro-abortion bill was introduced in the U.S. Congress earlier this month with the misleading name, “Women’s Health Protection Act.” Tom McClusky, president of March for Life Action, told Catholic News Agency that the, “Misnamed Women’s Health Protection … Continue reading

Georgette Forney: Bringing Hope and Healing to Women

A dynamic hero for women, Georgette’s story is relatively simple: At 16, she got an abortion because it seemed like the simple solution. However, it wasn’t until she was in her mid-thirties that she finally found healing. What she did … Continue reading

Dr. Steve Jacobs is published in The Federalist!

Illinois Right to Life’s Program Director Steve Jacobs, J.D., Ph.D. appeared in Thursday’s issue of the online magazine, The Federalist. The article, entitled The Supreme Court Shouldn’t Return Abortion to the States, It Should Ban Abortion Altogether, examines Dr. Jacobs’ opinion regarding the … Continue reading

Woman in Need on the Streets of Chicago

Around ten o’clock this morning our development manager, Sarah Brown, came rushing back to the office from a coffee run. “There’s a woman outside who has a baby,” she explained, “And she needs our help.” On her way back to … Continue reading

Father’s Day Cards Available NOW!

With Father’s Day being just around the corner, we have the perfect way to celebrate all the courageous fathers you know. Customarily, at this time of the year, our grant program, Project Love, offers its beautiful Father’s Day cards. This … Continue reading

Serena Dyksen: She Found His Grace

A bright and cheery face in the pro-life movement, Serena Dyksen is the founder of the “She Found His Grace” ministries and the author of a new book, She Found His Grace. Dyksen is the embodiment of a woman who … Continue reading

Illinois Right to Life Program Director is PUBLISHED in Newsweek!

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s monumental decision to hear Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that will examine the constitutionality of Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban and has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade, Dr. Steve … Continue reading