HB40: Here’s the situation

Remember HB40? This is the bill that provides free abortions to those on Medicaid and state employees for any reason, including birth control. And where does the state get the money to pay for these abortions? From you and me – … Continue reading

Why a 20 week ban on abortion?

On June 11, 2015, U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham introduced a 20-week ban of abortion bill known as H.R. 3.6., Pain-Capable Unborn Protection Act. This bill would ban abortions done at or after a child reaches 20 weeks old in utero. According … Continue reading

You Have to Pay for Other People’s Abortions?

                 If you’d like to contact your state representative you can find his/her contact information by clicking here. The Illinois House is currently considering House Bill 4013 that will require Illinoisans to pay for other … Continue reading

Illinois Pro-Life Bills To Watch

The following bills have been proposed in the Illinois House of Representatives. Ultrasound opportunity act HB 2701 Chief Sponsor: Representative Barbara Wheeler Background: This bill was sparked after an Illinois woman was refused by an abortion clinic to see her … Continue reading

How the March for Life Chicago inspired the nation

The double decker buses have been parked and our hoarse voices have returned to full strength as March for Life Chicago signs slowly slip behind shelves in the garage. On January 18th, 4,000 Illinoisans (and Wisconsinites and Hoosiers) set out … Continue reading

10th Annual March for Life Chicago Draws Record Breaking Thousands

An estimated crowd of over 4,000 people marched through Chicago’s Loop on Sunday, January 18, proclaiming the sanctity of human life and calling for the overturn of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States. … Continue reading

40 Days for Life Spring 2015 Campaign

Over the last 7 years of 40 Days for Life, 9,699 children were spared from abortion, 107 abortion clinic workers quit, 60 abortion clinics were closed, 650,000 people have participated in 27 different countries. Your presence, in a peaceful, prayer, … Continue reading

Welcome to Chicago, Bishop Cupich

On Saturday, September 20, 2014, the Archdiocese of Chicago officially announced Bishop Cupich of Spokane, Washington, would become the new Archbishop of Chicago to succeed Francis Cardinal George. Illinois Right to Life welcomes with excitement and respect the new Archbishop … Continue reading

My Baby’s Downs Syndrome Diagnoses

My first daughter was doing well and about 3 ½ years after her birth, we were pregnant again. This child wasn’t planned, and she was a bit of a surprise.  We were in a financially difficult situation and we were … Continue reading

The Top 6 Things You Need To Know About ALS Research

Unless you are the self-proclaimed science nerd of your friend and family circle, most people don’t quite understand stem cell research and the ethical issues surrounding it. If you try to learn more from Google, you will likely be bombarded … Continue reading