An Insider’s Look at the Lies Behind Modern Feminism and the Sexual Revolution

In her younger years, Sue Ellen Browder  wrote for the notoriously feminist-bent, abortion-promoting Cosmopolitan magazine. She has since come out of that experience with eyes opened to the lies she was told to propagandize–lies about promiscuous lifestyles, lies about the true meaning of womanhood, and lies about the glamorized so-called right to abortion. Browder, armed with her words, is now ready to cut through each of these fallacious fronts for the modern feminist movement and speak the truth.

Browder explains, “At Cosmos we pretended that the Sexual Revolution was a freedom for women. It actually was not. It actually was a kind of slavery.”

One issue that Cosmo frequently promoted was the right to abortion. Because, of course, all avid followers of feminism must support a woman’s choice to end the life of her child, right? Well, actually no.

Abortion wasn’t always part of the feminist movement, as Browder explains. “It was only by slow but deliberate maneuvering that the two merged together. Over time, as the sexual revolution and the women’s’ movement got closer and closer together, a lot of women began to buy into that illusion,” she goes on to say,

Many believe that abortion was originally part of the feminist movement. This is a myth, however. The original feminists believed in the evil of abortion simply because they believed in the value of all human beings. Abortion, however, was slyly slipped into their agenda at the Seneca Falls Convention.

“There were two men who were fighting to get abortion legalized in America. These two men knew Betty Friedan (early feminist) very well,” Browder explains. These men haggled and connived with Friedan until they finally got Friedan to agree to sneak this item into the feminists’ agenda. “At the last minute,” Browder grieves, “Friedan inserted abortion into the bill.” The media blew this event up, spreading half-truths to make the people of America believe that the majority of American women thought abortion was a logical choice. Thus began the brainwashing of the feminist movement

Browder explains the  simple but mighty way that abortion weaseled its’ way into the feminist movement: “Prior to the Sexual Revolution, abortion wasn’t part of the feminist movement… it’s very well documented that abortion was really a man’s movement. An upper-class, middle age, men’s movement.”

“Why all this hijacking of the women’s movement?,” Browder asks, “Money. Money!” The only reason the two men wanted Friedan to include abortion in the feminist agenda was money, and this reason continues as abortion is marketed more and more in the mass media

Browder says that ultimately the evolution of feminism is a choice for women of America to make. It comes down to what the women of this country want. They don’t want to be cheated out of their womanhood, but they want a fair chance in the world to pursue whatever their calling is. “The real battle in our nation,” Browder is certain, “Is feminists who are for abortion and feminists who know the difference and are against it.”