Are you tired of the abortion industry cramming its agenda down your throats?

We are.

And they’re at it again.

Right now, in the Illinois Senate, is a bill called SJRCA 4 – or as we know it, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Among the mischief of the ERA is an attempt to ingrain abortion and taxpayer funding (HB 40) of abortions into our U.S. Constitution.

Courts in some states with state ERAs have said that if you don’t pay for abortions, that’s discrimination since only women get abortions.

The abortion lobby needs just TWO more states to approve the resolution to ratify the federal constitution.

This resolution attempt is DECADES old.

But we have countless judges who are activists. Some even publicly stating they don’t consider the constitution, rather they consider what is a “fair resolution” to the dispute before them.

This has to stop.

I need you to call your state senator and your state representative NOW, and tell them to vote NO on the ERA.

Find your legislators and their numbers here.

A vote could be as early as next week.

If you’re sick of taxpayer funded abortion, then help us prevent more states across the country from being forced to fund it.

Call right now – don’t delay – lives depend on you.