Action Alert: Stop Abortion Funding in the State Budget

We need your help.

As your voice for life in Springfield, our lobbyist will be at the Capitol over Memorial Day weekend, fervently fighting for life. Because now is a crucial time…

Right now our legislators are working on the state budget. They will vote by the end of this month on how much of our tax dollars will be spent and what they will be funding for next year.

This is what we need you to do:

Call your state senators and representatives – at their Springfield offices – and tell them they must exclude the funding of elective abortions, made possible by HB 40, from our state budget.

Last year, Governor Rauner signed HB 40, mandating that your tax dollars go to help pay for free abortions for those on Medicaid and state employee health insurance, through all nine months of pregnancy.

We’re projecting that HB 40 could increase abortions in our state by 12,000 per year.

But if there is no money appropriated in the budget for these abortions, this can’t happen.

Illinois Right to Life Action and other pro-life organizations are sending a letter to legislators, urging them to keep HB 40’s elective abortions out of the budget. You can see our letter here.

We must do everything we possibly can to save these babies, stop the increase in abortions, and stop our tax dollars from paying for them.

Please call your state senators and representatives and tell them to vote against funding abortions through HB40. Be sure to call their offices at the Capitol.

You can find your legislators and their contact information here.